How to Succeed in Commercial Prospecting in BtoB?

Commercial prospecting is more simply, the search for new customers. It is vital for a serious structure that wants to be sustainable. It therefore takes a good strategy for success, it is a watch and a continual search to attract and retain customers. What is the best strategy for successful sales prospecting?

What is the best way to prospect?

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There are several ways to prospect: phoning, emailing, social selling, etc. and the best method is that which combines all these means. This method is called ”multi-channel” strategy and maximizes the chances of contact with prospects (future customers).

To better know your target and use the ideal means of prospecting, you have to take the time to answer their questions. It is also necessary to choose the best timings to prevent your offer from drowning in the multiple proposals of competitors.

It is also crucial to configure your domain name correctly to avoid the systematic sending of e-mails to Spam. Content marketing is also important in social selling, you have to capture the attention of your prospects, to achieve this, your content must be relevant and free of faults.

Tips and advice to improve your prospecting

As tips and advice to improve its prospecting, the company must create a database of qualified contacts, this will make it possible to identify the targets. The other trick is to work on your pitch and sales pitch, knowing that the latter is to be adapted to the sales objectives.

Finally, it is necessary to prepare the loyalty of the prospect by being proactive and anticipating the needs of the customer. These are just a few tips and tricks among others, you have to find the ones that correspond to your needs.

How to prospect well in B to B?

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The right method of prospecting consists in clearly identifying your target (using personas), then defining your tunnel to finally take action.

A digital presence to increase the visibility of the company

With the increase in online shopping, a business must have an internet presence. It starts with creating a business website, using online website builders like Wix.

Another way is to create a blog and produce good content (content marketing). Google My Business is also a tool for improving online visibility. With this tool, your business appears in local search results.

BtoB file qualification, an essential first step for successful prospecting

Qualifying a BtoB prospecting file consists of creating a database of prospects to contact. This data is detailed information about the target companies (activities, location, size, etc.). It is possible to use a service provider to develop and qualify your prospect file or to do it yourself.

Know your targets well to personalize offers

Knowing your target allows you to better choose your distribution channels and better meet customer needs. The company will be able to direct its efforts towards the prospects most likely to convert into customers. To do this, you must collect data from visitors to your website and data from emailing campaigns. You should also pay attention to customer reviews and feedback.

What are the optimization tools to target prospects and retain customers?

Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) and social selling are prospecting tools par excellence. Indeed, networks on the Internet are useful, but we must not neglect direct contacts and classic word-of-mouth (friends, former colleagues, etc.).

Synchronous communication tools (CTI, call back, Live chat, etc.) are also useful for optimizing prospecting actions and thus developing sales. You can use automation tools like Waalaxy to link everything, program to optimize your working time.

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