How to Support an Association?

If you are looking for a way to spread hope and support associations, there are several ways you can help. The coronavirus pandemic is causing unusual difficulties for everyone and all associations continue to work hard to have an impact on their missions. Continue reading our article to discover 3 ways to offer your support to worthy organizations.

1. Donate money, supplies, or just your time

With the layoffs and the uncertainty surrounding our global economy, it’s right that you aren’t comfortable giving money away. Just remember that if you want to donate, every penny counts. Sometimes some don’t give because they think they can’t give enough to make a difference, but any charity professional will tell you that small donations can make a big difference.

If you can’t afford to donate, you can donate supplies or even volunteer your time. Also consider the tax benefits of donations. Indeed, donations for the benefit of associations open the right to a tax reduction of 66% to 75% of the amount paid. To find out more on this subject, do not hesitate to visit the NGO Action contre la Faim website by clicking here.

Infographic, tax reduction

2. Support them via social networks

If, however, you cannot afford to donate or have little time to devote to helping, raising awareness is a great way to show your support. By making you the advocate of causes that are close to your heart, you will help to publicize the mission of the association and to make it win donations.

As a bonus, you also broadcast cheerful news to your friends and family. Seeing the dedicated work of nonprofits can give people hope in an age when we have little control. To do this, you can send campaigns directly to your family and friends or just share them on social media.

3. Create a personal fundraising page

Create a personal fundraising page on behalf of a nonprofit organization. Many organizations run ongoing fundraising campaigns throughout the year so donors can choose when to fundraise on their behalf.

For example, you can create a fundraising page on Facebook for your birthday or prefer to raise funds for a specific initiative of the organization. Once you’ve created your own fundraising page, you turn to your network to collect donations. This is another way to amplify the impact of small donations.

As you will understand, there are different ways to support an association other than making monetary donations. Now it’s up to you to find the way you prefer and which benefits you the most.

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