How to take advantage of confinement to write?

Since the end of March, we have all been confined to our homes. For people who are not essential workers, outings should be limited to necessary medical visits and errands. Also, sometimes the time is long when we cannot go out.

We sometimes lack ideas to fight boredom. It is also possible that we have already exhausted our stock of books, films, and that we have come to the end of all our puzzles. However, there is one activity that does not really have limits and that can help us overcome confinement: writing.

A creative and stimulating activity

There are thousands of ways to write, endless different subjects, and even a wide variety of writing formats. Whether it’s a novel you want to start, a few verses thrown on a piece of paper, or even prose all your thoughts, you’ll find that writing has many benefits.

First of all, it is an activity that stimulates the imagination, and many cognitive functions. It mobilizes the spheres of language, creativity, reasoning and attention, to name a few. It will therefore allow you to pass the time by doing something stimulating and beneficial.

In addition, writing calls for creativity while allowing it to be developed. Indeed, writing makes it possible to organize, clarify, visualize and pose – literally – our thoughts. As in our minds, one idea will trigger another quite naturally, but in a more efficient way. As a result, our thoughts will gradually become clearer, and multiply more and more. Our mind will necessarily become more productive, constantly seeking to create new thoughts or new ideas. Also, it will automatically open up to new horizons… which will obviously appeal to our curiosity, while continuing the process of multiplication of ideas and thought.

Finally, if you like writing and reading fictions, you could share them on dedicated sites like ProseCafé.fr (link = You could submit your texts on blogs like this, or even create your own. In this sense, writing will be an activity of sharing, communication and reflection. But it will obviously only limit your imagination, and the benefits it brings you.

Unsuspected benefits

In addition to being stimulating and engaging our imagination, writing has many beneficial effects on our body. Indeed, many recent studies have shown that writing, in general, helps fight stress and anxiety. Specialists have studied the subject in particular, and have discovered that writing about your emotions – through a journal, for example – effectively reduces these two problems.

Putting into words what worries us, makes us sad or makes us angry would indeed be an efficient way to take a step back from stressful everyday situations. So that would be a great way to improve mental health. All the more so as confinement and the current health crisis are major factors of stress and anxiety. In that sense, writing would also help us see things more optimistically.

Therefore, it is obvious that writing has many other benefits for our body. By reducing stress, it allows us in particular to improve our sleep. In addition, several studies have succeeded in making a link between writing and self-care for patients with depression. Patients with major depression took the test to write, 20 minutes a day, what they felt or traumatic events.

After three consecutive days of this writing exercise, their depression index had dropped significantly. This improvement lasted almost 4 weeks after the test. Thus, writing would be a very good way to fight depression, for people who develop symptoms of it, or to reduce its effects, for patients who already suffer from it.

Therefore, it is evident that writing greatly contributes to improving mental health and, by extension, health in general. It is a stimulating, patience-improving exercise that gets us out of boredom and improves our psychological health, as well as being a lot of fun.

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