How To Take Advantage Of The Premium For The Purchase Of A Folding Electric Bike?

The VAE premium is financial assistance granted by local authorities and the State to encourage the purchase of an electric bicycle in France. Do you want to take advantage of this grant but don’t know how? Do not worry. We explain what you need to know about the electric bicycle premium, the criteria and the procedures to benefit from it.

How to get the bonus for the purchase of an Electric Bike?

To take advantage of the premium for the purchase of your electric bike, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility conditions and follow the procedure provided for this purpose. These vary depending on whether you seek help from your local authority or from the State.

Obtain the VAE premium from your local authority

Many cities, towns and regions grant their inhabitants assistance to subsidize the purchase of an electric bicycle. Your community must certainly offer it as well. However, the conditions for granting and the amount of aid at the local level may vary from one community to another.

Also, before buying your electric bike, we recommend that you check with your community about the availability of the premium and how to benefit from it.

Obtain the VAE bonus offered by the State for the purchase of your electric bike

To benefit from the assistance granted by the State, you must be of legal age, domiciled in France and have a tax income per unit less than or equal to € 13,489. Likewise, you must have previously obtained the help offered by your community.

In addition, you must have purchased a new bicycle that is an electrically assisted model and you must undertake not to sell it within one year of its purchase. As for the procedure to follow to take advantage of this national grant, note that it is done entirely online.

You must send your request no later than 6 months following the invoice date of your bike. The dedicated form is available on the ASP website. You must attach the invoice for your bicycle purchase, a copy of the proof of payment for the assistance allocated by your community, among other things.

How does this bonus work?

The VAE premium granted both by the State and by the communities functions as a subsidy. Financial assistance granted to support part of the cost of purchasing an electric bicycle by an individual wishing to adopt this alternative mode of transport. It is granted within the limit of the annual funds allocated to the program by each public entity.

The amount of the aid is deducted from the value of the bike including tax and reimbursed after acquisition, at the buyer’s request. The premium granted by the State is capped at € 200 and cannot be greater than the amount of aid granted by the community. The two subsidies are cumulative but may in no case exceed 20% of the purchase price of the bicycle.

What exactly is this aid for pedelecs?

Concretely, this is VAE aid to encourage the purchase and use of electric bicycles in France. It is of two kinds. On the one hand, the ecological bonus or bicycle bonus granted at the national level in accordance with the Energy Code and on the other hand, the VAE bonus granted separately by local authorities

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