How to take advantage of the YggTorrent site despite the blockage?

This is not the first time and it will not be the last time that the YggTorrent hacker site will be blocked. However, the managers of this site do not let themselves be defeated and always find a solution to offer you their service.

What is YggTorrent?

YggTorrent is a site offering Internet users to download BitTorrent links for cultural works, such as films, series, music and also video games. These different contents are owned and offered to Internet users without prior authorization.

What address to go to YggTorrent?

Despite the blockage, the holder on site to find a solution to satisfy Internet users. They created a new address and therefore changed their domain name to become and more The new address is based in Switzerland, this solution allows them to escape the French blockage.

Why YggTorrent gets stuck in France

It is a site that is accused of copyright infringement, which has earned it to be in the pointer of 45 organizations fighting against piracy. These organizations have requested the removal of approximately 57,000 well-defined addresses. The ISPs have therefore carried out this blocking to fight against this piracy problem.

This is why Google has implemented categorical actions by removing URLs, for YggTorrent there is no pending action, no address in the index or duplicate. The site is no longer visible at

Downloading is illegal

Downloading is illegal in France, by accessing content that is also protected by copyright and that you can own without the artists and producers being remunerated, makes the action illegal.

If you do it anyway you might get a first warning from Hadopi, which just sent by email. However, after the second warning, the punishment is more severe, you could have criminal prosecution and a fine of up to € 1,500.

Legally enjoy the various cultural content from home

There is a simple way to be able to watch movies and series, listen to music and play video games from home. Indeed, there are many illegal streaming and download sites, but there are also platforms that offer these different services legally.

Take for example Netflix, Amazon Prime, Canal +, OSC, these are all actors who have the authorization to broadcast these different contents, because they have paid the copyright to the various rights holders.

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