How to take care during confinement? Top 5 activities to do

Containment like that of the Covid-19 pandemic is a new thing for many of us, and we tend to quickly go around in circles and get bored. However, we have to see the bright side of things and take the opportunity to do lots of things, for which we don’t usually take time.

Make a big storage at home

Confinement is an event that allows you to take time to do a lot of tidying up at home. This is the opportunity to sort through the many boxes that pile up in the attic or in your storage room. Sort the administrative documents that you have piled up for several months and file them.

It is also an opportunity to discover elements that you would like to bring out, memories, photos that deserve their place on a wall or on a piece of furniture. Clothes that you never put on and yet love.

You can take the opportunity to move furniture that never moves, to dust underneath. Make the washing machines that have piled up for several weeks and in case of good weather spread it outside.

Do all the tasks that you put off for lack of time

Small touch-ups in your interior, a change of paint, the arrangement of your garden. Take the opportunity to create a vegetable garden, if it is not already done or maintain it, you have time to cherish it and you will be delighted to have fresh fruits and vegetables once the work resumes.

On the digital side, we also tend to procrastinate, so this is an opportunity to sort through your files. But above all, it’s time to back up all your data on an external hard drive. To reduce paper, you can scan them and save them to your computer and hard drive.

Take advantage of virtual tours of museums and art galleries

Storage is good, but this confinement is also a chance to do manual and cultural activities. Many cultural places like famous museums like that of the Louvre in Paris, the Palace of Versailles, allow you to make virtual visits. Your children will be able to discover exhibits that they might not have been able to see in ordinary times.

If you like art, you can also visit online galleries, you can even take the opportunity to buy, for example, an animal sculpture, because you will have liked it, will see it well at home and you will appreciate its history. ArtAttack is a blog gathering many bloggers passionate about art.

You can also take the time to engage in a cultural activity yourself, such as painting, drawing, or just embroidery or knitting. Take time for yourself and to enjoy doing activities with your loved ones.

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