How to treat pimples in the hollow of the ear?

The hollow of the ear is one of the most unlikely places where pimples can appear. However, sometimes we observe the formation of pimples of different types. Faced with this situation, it is necessary to determine what type of pimples we are dealing with, the cause of their appearance and the possible treatments to remedy it.

What are the different types of pimples that can appear?

Whether on the usual areas of pimple formation or in the hollow of the ear, pimples differ according to their development. Thus, there are most often three types of buttons.

Black dots

In principle, the skin secretes an oily substance (sebum) responsible for ensuring its protection against external attacks (sun and cold). However, when this substance is secreted in too much quantity, it mixes with the dead cells, which clogs the follicles. The contact of this mixture with air then causes the appearance of black dots in the ear.

Red buttons

Also called cysts or nodules, these pimples are the result of blackhead infection. In fact, the follicles blocked by sebum and dead cells constitute a framework conducive to the development of bacteria. This leads to the inflammation of blackheads and the proliferation of red pimples.

White buttons

When the red pimples in turn become inflamed, a whitish substance (pus) appears and gives the pimples a white color. This substance results from white blood cells which attack bacteria that have developed in the clogged follicles.

Why do i have pimples appearing in my ear?

Various factors are responsible for the appearance of pimples in the ear. There are mainly three factors.

The cause of poor cleaning

Hygiene plays a very important role in the appearance of acne. One must then take care of the ear as well as one maintains the other parts of the body. Poor hygiene and bad gestures can promote the formation of pimples in the hollow of the ear.

It is therefore necessary to eliminate habits such as: touching your ears frequently with hands that are not clean, inserting cotton swabs or any other dirty object (headphones, cellphones, etc.). It is essential to ensure that everything that goes into the ear is clean.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal changes are also factors causing overproduction of sebum. Periods of menstruation, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and even taking contraceptives such as the pill, are therefore known to cause pimples to appear on various parts of the body, including the ear.

The climate too hot and humid

Too much heat promotes increased sebum production. Following the production of a large amount of sweat, the sebum mixes with the dead cells and the pores become clogged, causing the appearance of pimples.

How can I treat?

The treatment of pimples in the ear depends on the level of infection of these (black point, red button, white button). We have the choice between undergoing medical treatment or turning to grandmother’s recipes to get rid of pimples in the ear.

Follow a treatment given by a dermatologist

In the medical field, antiseptic solutions or local or drinkable antibiotics are most often used in order to fight against bacterial infections. Also, antifungals are used for fungal infections.

The antibiotics prescribed by the dermatologist for the treatment of pimples in the ear are generally of the cyclin family and the duration of treatment is often limited to 3 months.

In the event of a contraindication to antibiotics of the cyclin family, those of the macrolide family can also be used. Medical treatments have a delicate side, as they have many unwanted side effects and contraindications. That is why many people turn to natural treatments to get rid of pimples in the ear.

Opting for natural remedies

Many tips based on natural products have proven their effectiveness in treating acne pimples on the body, as well as in the hollow of the ear. In the case of pimples inside the ear, you have a choice of baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice.

Baking soda

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has the ability to dry out excess sebum that is causing pore clogging and to eliminate the bacteria responsible for the infection of clogged pores.

To do this, you must obtain a smooth paste by mixing the baking soda with the water, and apply the mixture obtained on the ear (avoid the auditory canal and the inner ear) for about ten minutes, then rinse with l ‘lukewarm water.

Unfiltered apple cider vinegar

It is an antimicrobial agent that works to limit the spread of infection and to kill the bacteria responsible for the appearance of pimples in the hollow of the ear. It also helps in decreasing oil production by restoring the pH of the skin.

You have to mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a little water. Soak cotton in this mixture and apply it to the pimples for a few minutes, two to three times a day.

Lemon juice

It is well known to naturally eliminate pimples in the pit of the ear. Just apply it to the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes, two to three times a day. You will see the buttons disappear from your ear

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