How to Unblock Your Ears Correctly?

Do you have blocked ears and don’t know how to unblock them? Do not worry ! Whether due to earwax buildup or an imbalance of pressure in your inner and middle ears, earplugs can be remedied easily.

You can use cleaning products like ear sprays to do this. But also natural solutions like water and essential oils, or balancing methods like the Valsalva and Toynbee maneuvers.

Natural solutions to unblock your ears

There are a few tips and natural products that you can use to unclog your ear canals. This is particularly the case with irrigation with lukewarm water and vegetable oils.

Water within everyone’s reach

This very simple trick will consist in instilling a jet of water (preferably lukewarm) in the ear canal of the blocked ear.

You can do this during your bath or outside, using a small syringe for example. The water thus introduced will fragment the earwax plug. You can then easily remove it by wiping your ear with a tissue.

Use vegetable oils

If you have vegetable oil on hand, it may be helping you unclog your ears. However, the best recommended essential oils are generally olive, jojoba or Niaouli oil for example.

With just a few drops introduced into the ear, they will lubricate and weaken the accumulated earwax to facilitate its elimination.

Using sprays to unclog your ears

The use of a sprays is recommended in cases of excessive secretion of earwax. Easy to apply, you just need to spray the prescribed dose into your ear. The solution will dissolve the earwax plug which obstructs the duct and promotes its flow out of the ear.

These sprays can easily be purchased from pharmacies. However, as with the rest of the ear solutions, it is a good idea to see a doctor to make sure that you do not have a punctured eardrum and do not risk making your condition worse.

2 methods to unblock your ears through your nose

You can also effectively unblock your ears through your nose using proven methods such as Valsalva or Toynbee maneuvers. We explain how to do it safely.

The Valsalva method

This method will help rebalance the pressure gap in your ears by blowing air through the Eustachian tubes. It should be used gently to avoid possible barotrauma.

To apply it, you start by taking a breath. Then cover your nose and close your mouth. Then increase the pressure slightly to promote the opening of the eustachian tubes and the balance of the eardrum by producing a small click.

The Toynbee method

This method also aims to balance the pressure in the inner and middle ears. It can be effective for blockages caused by altitude gain. To apply it, first cover your nose. Then perform a swallowing motion while trying to breathe in through your nose to create a depression to expel the air from the eustachian tubes.

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