How to unclog your sink in a natural way?

There may be times when your sink is clogged. As a result, the water is difficult to evacuate. When this happens, you will not need to call a specialist in order to fix this problem. Indeed, there are natural methods that you can apply to get there. So what are these methods? This article tells you about it.

Ferret and suction cup, proven tools

Using the ferret to unclog the sink

Tool fitted with a metal rod, the ferret has one end which is lined with either a small brush or a wire in the shape of a corkscrew. This tool allows in particular to extract the waste which is often stuck inside the sink.

To use the ferret correctly, you will first need to check that your ferret’s head can pass through the siphon from the sink. If this is not possible, the siphon will have to be dismantled in order to slide the ferret all the way to the bottom of the sink. Then it is necessary to handle the ferret well so that it reaches the stopper. You will know the target is hit when the tool gets stuck and cannot move forward. The last thing to do will be to pull the tool upwards. It will come out quite easily, with the trash stuck at the bottom of your sink.

Once the waste is removed, it will be enough to run water to make sure that your sink is really unblocked.

Using the suction cup to unclog the sink

It is possible to unclog a sink easily using a suction cup. To do this, you have to follow a certain methodology. First, using a wet cloth, you will need to plug the overflow. This will prevent air from passing through.

Next, it is recommended that you fill your sink with water so that it completely covers the rubber of your suction cup. After that, it will be necessary to position the suction cup on the bung. This homeland is very delicate. To succeed in this unblocking operation, it will be necessary firmly press the suction cup, lift it and finally lower it so that there can be a call for air. This movement should be repeated from many times until the sink is completely unblocked.

The multifaceted baking soda

Baking soda is one of the best known and most effective ways to unclog a sink. This natural product can be used in different ways. The first method of use is to pour a small amount of baking soda down the drain of your sink. Then it will be necessary to pour hot water (about a drink). This will unclog the sink.

If this first method does not satisfy you, there is another which involves mixing several other ingredients in addition to the baking soda. So you will need almost 200 g of coarse salt, 20 cl of white vinegar and 200 g of baking soda. The resulting mixture will be poured into the sink. Afterwards, it will be necessary to add boiling water. This very effective preparation will allow you to unclog your sink very quickly, provided of course that these are small plugs.

There is a third baking soda method that will require a considerable amount of white vinegar. For this, you must heat a large amount of water that you first of all and rather slowly, in your sink. Then, it will be necessary to put in the sink of the baking soda powder. Then you will heat up a glass of white vinegar that you will also pour into the sink. A chemical reaction should normally take place. As soon as this is done, it will be necessary to finish the operation by rinsing with boiling water.

In addition to unclogging your sink, these different baking soda recipes will also help descale.

Coke can be an ally if you don’t have baking soda

In the event that you do not have baking soda, it is possible to unclog your sink using Coca Cola. Indeed, this drink is not only consumable, it can be very useful in the maintenance of your household appliances. It’s an unusual trick, but one that has proven itself. To do this, it will suffice first to pour half a bottle of the beverage in your sink. Once it’s done, be patient a night before adding boiling water. If your sink is still clogged, you will have to add the other half of the contents of the bottle and wait again overnight.

There is another trick with coca-cola, but for that you will also need white vinegar and coarse salt. The mixture should be made up of one third of coca-cola, one third of coarse salt and another third of white vinegar. The resulting mixture should be poured into your sink. However, it will be necessary to wait about ten minutes before pouring hot water. This will remove the elements that were causing the clogging of your sink.

In addition, it is also possible to heat the coke over a fire, without bringing it to a boil. Then pour it into the sink. The effectiveness of this solution will be increased tenfold and your cork will dissolve even faster.

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