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Dressing to meet business partners or to appear for a job interview can be especially stressful when you don’t know what to put on your back. Indeed, during this type of meeting, it is necessary to make a good impression from the first minute. To this end, it is essential to wear a neat, elegant and distinguished look to stand out from other candidates or partners that your interlocutor has already met.

Believe me, I have already had the same experience several times and the result is the same: in the business world, clothes make the monk well. In other words, you will be more regarded by being classy and sober. But, certainly like me when I was just starting out, you don’t know how to choose your style centerpieces and combine them to achieve the perfect outfit. So I decided to share with you some valuable tips to help you make a good impression during a professional face-to-face meeting.

Look: pay attention to details

In general, when we want to dress, we directly tackle the choice of basics such as shirt, pants or shoes. Although these pieces are important in composing your dress style, they are not enough to give you that classy and elegant look that you are looking for.

Indeed, to be sophisticated, original, distinguished, everything is in the detail and the combination of small accessories that will allow you to have a stylish look. As I often say, men are fortunate that they don’t need multiple items to complete their outfits and look unique.

Among the fashion items that you can use to enhance your style, the watch is an essential accessory. It is for your wrist what the shoe is for your foot. In fact, this element should not be neglected and be chosen with care.

Keep in mind that it is better to buy a quality or even luxury watch than to invest in poor models, which instead of upgrading your style, will look cheap and give a bad impression of your look.

Know that today, specialized platforms such as offer you discount luxury watches. These are luxury second-hand accessories that you can use to complete your outfit and give you a sophisticated look. Also pay attention to the criteria for choosing a watch such as the thickness of the accessory, the diameter, the color and the material of the strap.

Look: choose the right shirt

By tidying up my dressing room, I was able to realize the importance of shirts in the dress style. Indeed, they represent the pillar of the look and remain a essential of the male wardrobe. Moreover, according to Oscar Wilde “the class is concentrated in the shirt”. Therefore, choosing the right shirt is essential to perfect your look.

To buy THE shirt that will make a good impression during your business meeting, you must respect the following 4 points:

  • The neck : this is the first thing to take into account. To choose a dress shirt, you have the choice between the Italian, Neapolitan, English, French collar and buttoned under placket. The shirts that feature these collars are perfect for professional occasions and can be worn with or without a tie.
  • Armhole : To select your shirt correctly, you must pay particular attention to the seams of the armholes, the sleeves and the front-back panels of the garment. The ideal would be to have little visible and dense stitches. Take the trouble to compare the seams of your shirts in store to choose the one with the fewest seams and seam details on the outside of the outfit.
  • Pattern alignment : on the shirt shoulder, check the alignment of the stripes and weft of the fabric. Yes this outfit is quality, it can be recognized by the way the patterns are aligned between the various pieces of the fabric.
  • Headlines : After the armhole, also check the cuff. When purchasing, you will have the choice between the simple, folded and Neapolitan cuff. To be very classy, ​​you can opt for the folded cuffs. However, a shirt with simple cuffs would do the trick. Just make sure they are not heat-sealed.

chic man outfit

Look: wear your tie well

For a long time, I thought you had to wear a tie because it is “like that”. But today those days are over. I know now thata tie is representative of a man’s taste. This accessory must therefore be appropriate for the situation in which you find yourself.

On your quest, don’t look for the perfect tie. Your purchase will have to depend on the context in which you find yourself, your desire of the moment and your personality. But first of all, I want to remind you that Christmas patterned or logo ties will never help you to have a classy and sophisticated look.

The classic silk tie is the best choice you can make for a meeting in the professional environment, because it brings discretion. Also pay attention to the color of your accessory, because it will have to match your shirt or your costume. With a plain green, burgundy red or blue tie, the chances of making mistakes are greatly reduced. On the other hand, if you opt for a patterned model, make sure that they are not too big, nor too contrasting.

To wear your tie properly, make sure it’s the right height. It should not fall below your belt. The tip should just touch the top of the waistband. Also, make sure the tie stays straight. Choose the right width for your accessory. Whatever your morphology, a tie with a width of 8 cm should suit you.

Finally, when you tie your tie, go for a simple knot, as a knot too big or too small will create a real imbalance.

What about shoes in all of this?

When choosing which shoes to wear with your costume, here are a few rules to consider. Derby shoes and brogues are the perfect shoes to wear with a suit. They must be well waxed and have the same color as your belt. So, a brown belt should be paired with a brown shoe.

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