How to use a yogurt maker?

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What kid doesn’t love a good yogurt snack? However, parents can logically be hesitant when giving their child an industrial yogurt whose list of additives frightens all consumers …

In this case, making your own yogurt becomes the best solution. The good news is that the process is simplistic. Don’t you believe us? Read below how to use an electric yogurt maker and you’ll change your mind.

The importance of choosing the right yogurt maker

Before getting busy in the kitchen, you will have to buy your yogurt maker. To choose it, go to By comparing the best models on the market, the site is a great help in selecting the right reference.

Remember to compare the capacity of the yogurt maker. If you have a large family and the yogurt maker can only make 8 pots, yogurts will never last long in your fridge …

The so-called “family” models are up to 14 jars of 185 grams and include spare jars to be able to make several rounds in a row without experiencing a lack of containers.

Prepare the content of your yogurts

Making yogurt is more than easy! You will rarely find a simpler recipe. You need two ingredients. Yes, you read that right: two small ingredients are enough!

For 8 yogurts, a liter of milk and a sachet of lactic ferments (this is sold in the “pastry” departments of all supermarkets) are needed.

If the milk is cold, let it cool in a saucepan. Otherwise, go straight to the mix. Mix the milk and lactic ferments with a whisk. Be energetic so that the ferments do not form lumps.

If you have a high-end yogurt maker, surely it can do the mixing and then you just need to put the ingredients in the yogurt maker and then run the program.

Fill the jars and start the program

Fill the yoghurt pots. Then activate the program. There are usually three programs, depending on whether you used whole milk, skim milk or semi-skimmed milk.

These programs last between 8 and 2 pm. During this time, the yogurt maker will heat the contents of the jars to a temperature between 35 and 40 degrees. This temperature allows the good bacteria in the yogurt to develop and build the taste we love so much.

Store the jars and wash the yogurt maker

Once the program ends, do not put your pots away right away. Wait for them to cool down a bit, making sure to close them tightly and don’t hesitate to immortalize the moment; it’s not every day that we make our first yogurts! A few tens of minutes later, you can store them in your refrigerator.

It is generally recommended to wait at least 4 hours before eating the yogurt. This is not recommended for reasons of hygiene, but of taste. Fresh yogurt is delicious, but the same cannot be said for lukewarm yogurt.

Then wash your yogurt maker. This is especially important if it is the appliance which has mixed the preparation. Hot water is sufficient to wash the set.

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