How to use an electric epilator?

Are you fed up with razor cuts, badly growing ingrown hairs and rough skin after shaving? Switch to an electric epilator to remove hair from your body.

As you will discover in this article, using an electric epilator is not complicated. Here are my tips.

Think about exfoliation

Before each hair removal session, I recommend a small exfoliation. This little trick goes halve bad hair regrowth by removing dead cells before using the electric epilator.

Overcome your fear

Hair removal is never a good time. It is normal to fear your discovery of the electric epilator. However, the current models, to be discovered on, have nothing to do with the pioneers.

Yes, it will not be fun. But no, you will not suffer martyrdom for all that. It is less painful than waxing. If you are confident from the first few passages, your hair removal will be more successful and less painful.

Extend the skin well

If an area like the shin is very easy to remove, others are less so. Indeed, the rotary movement of the epilator must have a good grip of the hair to remove it. However, some areas such as poorly muscled thighs or calves are not always practical because some parts are difficult to reach.

To make it easier, spread your skin with your fingers of the hand not holding the epilator. It’s not about shooting like crazy, it’s just about make sure that the path for your epilator is flat.

It’s not a race

Too many women imagine that the electric nature of the epilator means fast activity. It is possible to do a sprint, to pass the epilator on both legs or any other part of your body in a few seconds.

However, by doing so, you will necessarily have two major inconveniences: the hair removal will be incomplete and the hair regrowth less healthy.

Comfort your body after waxing

Your body has suffered the trauma of the electric epilator. It is now smooth, but some red marks show the passage of the tool. Now is the perfect time to offer comfort to her.

Put a soothing gel on all affected areas. It helps hydrate the skin. It soothes your skin and reduces the risk of ingrown hairs arriving within 48 hours.

What areas to do with an electric epilator?

With an electric epilator, you have less control over the gesture than with a razor or tweezers. It is therefore mainly used for large areas.

For women, the first target area is usually the legs, followed by the armpits. For men, the electric epilator is a good solution for the back or legs. For the torso, it depends on how much hair you have. If you have a real fleece, going through the epilator will be very painful and it will take a long time to eradicate all the hair.

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