How to Use an Electronic Cigarette for the First Time?

Have you just bought your first electronic cigarette and can’t wait to use it? To fully enjoy this first time, you must follow certain steps. Indeed, there are important manipulations to do. Here are some tips for using an electronic cigarette properly for the first time.

A good choice of e-liquid to start

Vaping specialists often advise choosing an e-liquid with a ratio of 70PG / 30VG in order to have the hit and a good flavor. However, when you are a beginner, the ideal is to opt for a product that includes 50PG / 50VG for a good balance and an adaptable use with any type of electronic cigarette.

On the other hand, to buy your e-liquid, you have to choose quality, such as a Terpy electronic cigarette aroma. These aromas are made with top quality raw materials.

How to prepare your e-cigarette?

The functioning of any e-cigarette depends on three elements: the battery, the clearomizer and the e-liquid. To prepare your vaporizer, the first step is to recharge the battery. This is indeed what will allow you to provide the necessary energy that your device needs to operate. To do this, connect the micro-USB cable to an adapter or directly to the mains. The charging time varies between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the model.

Then, introduce the resistance into the clearomiser, it is a cylindrical part contained in your kit. To do this, you must screw it into the part reserved for it. It must be well fixed. Once these steps are completed, fill the tank or the tank cartridge with your e-liquid then attach the tank to the mod. Check that everything is tight and then turn on your device.

How to vape well?

Woman smoking vapor vaping

When you are new to electronic cigarettes, you should know that vaping is different than smoking a cigarette. In order to vape well, you must take long inhalations, and this in a spaced fashion. Inhale the puff of steam for 3 to 6 seconds before releasing it.

The first puff may make you want to cough because it is a new sensation, but later ones will be less powerful. By dint of inhaling, you will find the ideal rhythm. Inhale the smoke as is done with the classic cigarette, but for the first experiences of the vape, it is advisable to make a small inhalation.

How to maintain your electronic cigarette?

To keep your electronic cigarette in good condition, it is essential to clean it sometimes. To do this, start by cleaning the mouthpiece that is in contact with your mouth. In order not to damage it, washing in cold or lukewarm water is sufficient.

Then unscrew the clearomiser and soak all the parts in 5 cl of white vinegar for 10 minutes and rinse with water. The resistance must be changed after 10 days to 3 weeks of use. As for the battery, clean it with a slightly damp cloth or with a paper towel.

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