How to wash your dog well in 5 steps

The dog is man’s most favorite pet; he is appreciated for his loyalty and for all the good times we spend in his company. Indeed, the dog spends time outdoors to have fun, so it is often dirty and needs a bath from time to time.

Washing your dog can be a bit tricky because it scares him. So you have to know how to prepare it so that it has a good time cleaning itself.

Step 1 – Wet your dog with the hand shower

The first step is to start by wetting your dog’s whole body so that the shampoo can get all over his fur. Pay attention to the temperature of the water, it should be lukewarm and not very hot so as not to dry out your dog’s skin. Thus, the water pressure should not be very accelerated so as not to scare the animal.

Step 2 – Apply shampoo to wash thoroughly

In this second step, you must first seek to find the most suitable quality dog ​​shampoo. Next, if your dog has long hair, we recommend that you mix a small amount of shampoo with water in a small cup or mug. Then, pour the mixture all along your pet’s fur, this will help the shampoo to penetrate easily. On the other hand, if the animal has short hair, you can pour the shampoo directly on its fur.

Using your hands preferably, and not with gloves, gently massage all around your dog’s eyes, ears, muzzle, and mouth so that the shampoo does not irritate him in these areas.

Step 3 – Shampoo should sit for 5 minutes

Once the shampoo has been applied all over your dog’s body, leave it on for 5 minutes or more before rinsing it off, in order for the result to be more effective. These few minutes will seem long for your dog, so you can continue to massage him while waiting for the rinsing.

Step 4 – Rinse Your Dog With Lukewarm Water

During this step, you should rinse your dog with lukewarm water until all shampoo residue is removed. It may take a few minutes, especially if your pet has long hair.

Also, avoid getting water on your dog’s mouth and ears.

Step 5 – Dry it with a towel rather than a hair dryer

Little dog pampering in a blanket on a bed

The last step is to dry your dog with a towel, rubbing lightly. You can also use a hairdryer with low heat so as not to dry out the skin. Only use this job if your dog is not scared. If so, do not insist.

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