How to wear the beret when you are a woman?

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Accessory that has traveled through the ages, the beret is the illustration of the timeless. Workers going to the mine, soldiers with their ceremonial outfits, writers smoking pipes … and especially the typically French touch. Images do not fail to come to mind when you imagine a person wearing a beret.

But, these masculine images are not an accurate representation of beret lovers. Women have been using it for a long time. Better still, they revolutionized it and the singularity of a beret for women is no longer to be proven.

Today it is possible to find a wide variety of trendy berets for women. Here are some examples of styles that are sure to succeed.

The thick wool beret: Warm and sober

This is the most common type of beret today. In winter, wear a warm wool beret such as brands such as Le Béret Français or Béton Ciré know how to make them.

Wear it with gloves, a scarf and a large coat. Look appreciated by Parisians for walking in the street despite the winter cold, it combines practicality (you are no longer cold) and elegance.

Avoid being coordinated by having all the accessories (gloves, scarves, beret) of the same color. Be more creative by perfectly matching various colors.

The young hipster student with an English style

In this country, the uniform is often compulsory to go to study. Take inspiration from these outfits. Wear a fairly flat Laulhère beret, a Bershka plaid skirt that sits just above the knee, a white blouse with a badly tied tie and voila.

You have the option of being sexy by taking a shorter skirt, not closing all the buttons on the blouse and wearing bright lipstick or being more subdued. It’s up to you to see what you prefer and remember that a style is never fixed!

The leather beret for a look worthy of a fashion show

Great stylists know how to transform accessories to make them unique and more contemporary. Fashion designers like Jean-Paul Gautier (with her famous red beret worn by Naomi Campbell) or the deceased Karl Lagerfeld even made beret one of their specialties.

If you follow women’s fashion shows, you have surely noticed that the beret is not banned, on the contrary! By far the most popular remains the leather beret. Worn with a dark outfit, the black leather beret brings rigor to the outfit and shows that all the outfit has been carefully crafted.

This style is perfect if you work in environments where style is important (eg architecture, painting, music…) or if you have a position of responsibility. Indeed, as this look brings rigor and elegance, ideally suited to a woman who must be directive during the day.

These three styles of clothing for women are far from being an exhaustive list. You can see many women wearing it on the street. Get inspired. A beret descending on one side for a more bourgeois style, a Basque beret for going to a festival and others just beg to be tested!

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