How to write erotic stories?

Erotic literature is booming. While EL James’ famous “Fifty Shades of Gray” shone the spotlight on the style, it’s been years that an assiduous readership has been created. We are now very far from the Harlequins of the 1990s.

Immerse yourself in the universe

Erotic literature has a style of its own. It is not a question of multiplying the sex scenes without coherence. The best way to find out is to devour erotic books. Buy novels by various authors to find out.

You can also find lists of ebooks online or toys like the Little Bird vibrating egg that are connected and have stories built into their app. And yes, you can mix the pleasure of reading with a hotter activity! It is an ideal process to transform feelings into words, and better bring them out in your own story.

Read books and get inspired, without copying!

Create the characters

We often recommend that you start by writing the beginning and the end of the novel as in our article on the 10 keys to writing a good novel.

For an erotic story, the important thing is not necessarily these stages, even if obviously, they count, but the characters. Who are they ? What relationships do they have? How are they evolving? What are their sexual tendencies?

This information is the basis of your story. From the start, you could decide to write a homosexual love story between two office colleagues or a forbidden love between an older woman and her neighbor’s son …

From these decisions comes the writing of your book.

Sex scenes

We must not hide it, readers of erotic literature do it for the sex scenes that punctuate the novel. They must therefore be the fruit of real work.

Do not hesitate to write, proofread and modify. It is very hard to get a perfect scene from the first draft. On the other hand, you have to let go of your writing.

You are not retracing the battle of Austerlitz, but expressing a fantasy and feelings. There are two types of scenes that work: transposing a scene you have experienced and telling a fantasy.

You have to be realistic. Readers do not want to read performances worthy of the greatest pornographic actors but to imagine themselves in the place of the protagonists. Alternate sweet and romantic scenes, and rawer, more bestial sex.

Also try to titillate the imagination of your readers by offering original acts. For example, if your heroine is masturbating, tell a scene where she rides her pillow or when she does so in public. An article like this can give you some great ideas.

Don’t overlook the rest of the scenario

Design a storyline outside of the sex scenes. As we just said, readers want to be turned on by written antics, but you won’t keep them going just with it. The goal is for them to read the whole book and not start pecking at the pages.

In an erotic story, you have to have a backstory. It doesn’t necessarily need to be as elaborate as possible, especially for your first novels. It can be a cheated wife who finds love elsewhere, and then routinely hesitates to return to her husband before finally flying off to happiness.

Use the genderless pages to create desire. Play on the looks exchanged by the protagonists, the gestures and the dialogues. Turn up the heat like two people who flirt in real life!

Our favorites that will inspire you

Among the many erotic books available, we still have our favorites which are taken from the best erotic books. After reading them, you will already have an array of what is possible for your own story.

  • “Forbidden Games” by Emma M. Green Addictive Eds edition
  • “To Resist Him or Not” by Campbell Phoebe P. Addictive Eds edition
  • • “India Place” by Samantha Young translated by Benjamin Kuntzer edition I read

These are all three gripping novels, with a real story. You will take the place of the characters and experience the story intensely. What to cultivate and have a good time.

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