Hygger LED Lamp – For a bright aquarium – Reviews & Test

Looking for an ideal lighting solution for your aquarium? Hygger’s high brightness white and blue LED light is the model for you. The lamp is known to produce a soft light perfectly suited to the ecosystem of an aquarium at a lower cost.

Presentation Video with Review and Video Test of the Hygger LED Lamp

Where to buy your LED lamp for your aquarium?

More information on this Hygger lamp

The Hygger lamp is specially designed to diffuse a soft light adapted to the sight of your fish. Its use is ideal for lighting an aquarium from 20 to 50 cm. Its light panel is equipped with 30 two-color SMD LEDs of 13W (24 white LEDs and 6 blue LEDs).

For day and night, the lamp has 2 suitable lighting modes. In all cases, the level of brightness remains high, with optimized power consumption. The lamp blends in perfectly with your interior decor thanks to its simple and ultra-slim design. Finally, its installation is quick and simple, and its stability is ensured thanks to the flexible, 360 ° adjustable gooseneck supplied with the lamp.

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