I listened to the sound of the angels by Emilie Devienne!

What if heartache is inspiring?

Of course, the question should surprise those who have already shed torrents of tears, their hearts broken and their faces low. And yet, “once the slap in love has been struck, it is up to us to choose as soon as possible what we want to do with your grief”, as Edaine assures us who tells us about her misadventures in “I listened to the noise. Angels “.

A novel carried by a writing “lucid and fair” wrote a journalist in the Swiss Femina.

When a donkey arrives at the right time

Thirty-year-old actress rather on the sidelines and despite everything carried by the hope of breaking through one day, Edaine is dumped by her man after ten years of a relationship that seemed to flow naturally. Here she is devastated. So the last thing she needed, or even wanted, was to see her daily life shaken up by an unexpected call. And yet: a Norman notary announces to her that she inherits an adorable Curcuma, a little gray donkey of five years old and very willing to wish her well. The idea of ​​the novel at this stage is to show us that at the bottom of the hole, there is always a little light to enlighten us towards the positive. You still have to want it and keep your sense of humor, a quality that we find from the beginning to the end of this story.

Paris – Province, that is the question

Will leave, will not leave? Edaine procrastinates until he finally sets out to meet this animal. He will change his life. She will discover the reasons for this unusual heritage, to say the least, and accept the signs sent to her by the universe until she rebuilds herself. This is where the title “I listened to the sound of the angels” is played out because without going into esotericism or biblical references, the author shows us that life sends us a multitude of signs to guide us towards the world. next step, towards what she expects from us for the best. It’s up to us to decipher them and to use our free will. This is also where the novel keeps its promise: “to suffer the full force of misfortune is not inevitable”. Here it is, it is said and it is written.

Team work

The heroine, Edaine, will embark on the road to recovery thanks to her friends, the villagers and her imagination, coupled with unfailing goodwill. This is why, in Quebec, this novel was described as an “antidote to heartache” by an influencer, Sylvie Michaud. It is now published in France.

The author, Emilie Devienne is a coach. She published professional books, essays, a first novel “Truffe et sentiments”, again in France and Quebec. Without falling into honeyed feelings or giving lessons to anyone, we recognize him for finding the right balance between humor and realism with endearing characters. “A text that does good without falling into total silliness. », Wrote a journalist from Provence.

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