Iceberk Folding Shovel – Multitasking at your fingertips – Reviews & Test

The Iceberk folding shovel is a fascinating practical tool thanks to its multifunctional and removable side. Lightweight, compact, as easy to use as it is to transport and inexpensive, we invite you to discover below, our test and opinion on this multitasking shovel signed Iceberk.

Video Opinion and Test of the multifunction shovel for camping

Where to buy your Iceberk folding shovel?

More information on this Iceberk multifunction shovel

It is a multiservice tool with many tweaks, created for a multitude of types of use. Thus, depending on the adjustments that are possible, the Iceberk folding shovel will serve you as a shovel, hoe, ax, saw, knife, wine opener or fire stick, screwdriver, etc. All with a level of security high and optimal grip.

In view of its multifunctional use, Iceberk is ideally designed in sturdy high quality stainless steel, to guarantee you a lifetime of use. In addition, its light and folding design makes it very compact, therefore easy to disassemble, store or transport in your backpack or your vehicle, to accompany you and serve you everywhere when needed, during your campsites, picnic -nics and even in emergency situations.

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