In-store digital signage, a technology that sells

What could be better than to convince with alternative tools, which allow you to communicate differently. With digital signage, everything you want can be displayed, promotions, a new collection, the web version of your store,… It is a technology that has major advantages in a store.

Digital signage brings modernity and interactivity

Unlike traditional signage, dynamic signage is modern, it leaves room for great interactivity with customers. It is a much more captivating element, sound can be added, which helps to attract and captivate.

A dynamic display is much more watched than a classic display, enter the right message, accompany it with the right animations and your communication strategy will be a success. In addition, this type of display allows you to broadcast content that corresponds to your target.

This technology helps spread your brand

Previously, to be talked about, you needed a simple slogan that marked the mind, now your values ​​are communicated via digital signage. Through this technology, your spirit and your particularity will be diffused. It’s an easier way for customers to identify with your brand.

But it is not by just installing an advertising screen in store (retail), it is a way of promoting its products, advertise it directly in your store. For clothes, see how they are when worn, sales aid. Present a new collection, promote specific products, distribute a promo code, customer benefits, there are many solutions.

Allow your sellers to link online and in-store sales

The way of consuming has evolved a lot in recent years, and the majority of people refer to the internet, to make purchases, or to search for information. It is a useful way to give a lot of details about the products, like technical information for example.

A product not available in the store, but on the online store, can be ordered on one of these alternative screens. The possibilities are numerous and allow you to leave a wide field of action and thus to be present both physically and online.

Simplicity linked to practicality

In addition to being very practical in a store, these are very simple tools, you just need to make a few updates, install the right software, which will respond to your request. It is easier and faster to update digital information than on paper, you won’t have to change all your posters and wait for the next ones, you just have to do it from the dynamic screen software.

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