Installation of network cabling in Quebec, the procedure applied by companies

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You are launching your business in Quebec and you need to install your network cabling. It is a complex procedure that cannot be done by oneself, so it is important to call on a company specializing in this field that is close to yours, so that the system is efficient and operational quickly.

Know the needs, before proceeding with the installation

This is the first step, before starting the installation, the company will ask you what your needs are, in order to draw up specifications. Thus, they will know the total area, which will have to be equipped, as well as the quantity of workstations and servers required. But also the technical specificities which they will have to take into account at the time of installation.

Start installing network cabling

The time has come to install the network cabling, which will link the servers and the computers. The company will offer you two installation solutions for this:

  • When the building, where the company is located, is recent, it is possible to install the cables, in a non-visible way by hiding them in the walls
  • If the building is older, there are also solutions to avoid having visible network cabling, by installing a special floor, false ceiling or even Wi-Fi terminals.

Installation of servers and network switches

To continue installing the network, the company must have servers, for proper operation, it is important that there are enough servers, but also that there are at least 2 ports per server. Then, you should know that the link between the servers, this is done through network switches, their number will therefore depend on the quantity of server and computer tools to install.

Installing and configuring server software

Once the server boxes have been installed, the time has come to configure the software. This software installation makes it possible to give an IP address for each computer, so that they each have an identification. The installation must be done with the security of future data that will be transmitted in the future in mind.

  • Access will be set up according to authorization rights. Each department will have special access, and may request restricted access to certain data from another service, if necessary.
  • The creation of passwords will be essential, each user will have one and will have to change it regularly.
  • Configure priorities between different users, which will give them access or not to certain data.

Choose a nearby and available cabling company

This is an important criterion, your business is located in Quebec, so it must be located in the same sector as yours. This is important, because she must be able to intervene if necessary, if you encounter a technical or security problem. And above all, it must do it quickly, especially if the problem impacts the security of your various data.

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