Intex 28001 – Pool Cleaner Robot – Reviews & Test

With more than 2000 copies sold on the Amazon site, the Intex 28001 swimming pool robot is crowned N ° 1 for sales in its category. It is the equipment with recognized performance, ranked at the top of the list of robot cleaners, guaranteeing you easy, fast and optimal maintenance of your pool. Below, a video test of its features.

Video Opinion and Test of the Intex 28001 Swimming Pool Robot

Where to buy your future Robot Pool Cleaner?

More information on the Intex Washing Pool Robot

The Intex 28001 gives you the most convenient, fastest and easiest way to have a always clean pool. It takes care of the automatic cleaning of the bottom of your swimming pool by venturi effect, as well as the maintenance of the walls. And thanks to the automatic steering reversal, no surface of the pelvis escapes it.

It is very easy to use, since its operation is automated. You just need to connect its 7.50 m hose to your pool’s delivery nozzle so that the water pressure makes it work. Note that this Intex Pool Cleaner Robot is compatible with filtration systems with a flow rate of at least 6 m³ / h.

Perfect for most above-ground pools, the Intex 28001 is backed by a 2-year compliance warranty.

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