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A breakup can be impossible for some of us to overcome. Indeed, how to live alone again after sometimes years as a couple? In addition, needless to say that the emotional and loving bonds that can bind two people are very strong, and when they disappear, a feeling of emptiness can quickly appear. In general, the site will guide you as best as possible in your personal reconstruction, and only then will you be given the keys so that you can either win back your ex or forget him permanently.

Jerécupè is not an online dating site, nor is it a space that will push you to harass your ex or to call him on the phone ten times a day, on the contrary. The advice given to you will be informed and will correspond to your personal situation. If after asking you certain questions, your dating guide feels that the best thing for you and your ex is to move on, trust them!

An interview based on your person

Before pushing you to win back your ex, the site’s guides will ask you questions in order to better understand your personality and, above all, why the breakup took place. Indeed, we must not forget that if you and your ex are no longer together, it is probably not for nothing. If it’s because the love that bonded you has evolved into a friendship or your ex loves someone other than you, it may be difficult to reconnect with the past.

Jerécupè’s primary objective is to allow you to find your ex, but in a healthier relationship, which is why certain points of your personality will be addressed, just like those of your ex. Sometimes the reasons for a breakup are impossible for others to understand, sometimes you also have to accept that your ex does not want to be with you anymore, even if it hurts at first.

Tips to help you win back your ex

If you are largely responsible for the breakdown, it may be possible to repair the damage, only you will have to take responsibility and accept your mistakes. An open-hearted conversation is sometimes the solution, the various guides on the site will be the best placed to help you.

If the breakup happened because of a lack of communication for example, nothing is lost, sometimes some couples do not manage to communicate and they need a little help so that the situation improves quickly. There is general advice on the site, which may be suitable for a large part of those who consult jerécupè, but also private advice. For one hour, you can benefit from a communication with a guide who will deal exclusively with your situation and answer your questions.

Move on, a decision that is sometimes necessary

Jerécupè is not just a site giving advice on romantic relationships. There are also some basic rules to turn the page and permanently forget your ex. For example, not calling her, deleting her number, and stopping looking at her social media profile may be the start of healing. A breakup does not always have to be painful for several months, it is to prevent you from suffering that jerécupè exists!

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