Intrusion into your website: what to do?

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In France, and throughout the world, websites are the primary targets of hackers. Extranet, intranet, banking portal, institutional site… None is immune to intrusion. However, this has harmful and even disastrous consequences, to name only information leakage and fraud. And of course, an intrusion into your website will also affect your brand image. What to do in the event of an intrusion into your website? How to avoid an intrusion into your website? The answers in this post.

How to detect an intrusion into your website?

Does your computer have an antivirus? This software has been designed for detect any malicious intrusion. When you access a web page for example, it sends warnings and notifications. This is also the case with Google.

The technical failures can also facilitate intrusion into your website. Said failures come in various forms: different display, modified or deleted file, alteration, etc. To avoid any fatal consequences, you must quickly take the necessary measures.

For guarantee optimal security of your website, storage in a WordPress hosting remains by far the best solution. Not only will your site be hosted in the best conditions, but you also free yourself from all that is installation, security update, troubleshooting and maintenance. This type of company will in particular take care of services such as restoring your system in the event of an intrusion and will perform daily and monthly backups of your data in complete reliability, thanks to substantial storage space. You will be able to delegate this “safety” part to professionals in order to be able to concentrate serenely on the essentials of your activity.

What are the possible consequences of an intrusion into your website?

In the medium and long term, many computer attacks and intrusions can damage your website. Indeed, there are two kinds of intrusions:

  • individual intrusions : extremely dangerous, they are often perpetrated by professional hackers. These are aimed at very specific targets and websites.
  • collective intrusions : these massive attacks are sometimes less fearless. They exploit the technical and logical flaws in your website, thus causing more or less significant damage.

In either case, a computer intrusion will affect your business as well as your users.

The consequences on the company

Usually, a computer intrusion results in loss of important data. And since your website is no longer as reliable, you will lose the trust of your customers. It will also damage the reputation of your business. Worse yet, you may be subject to legal sanction.

The consequences on users

When your computer system or website gets hacked, you also expose all of your users. Identity theft, theft of personal data, theft of banking information… These are, among other things, the consequences.

How to secure your website?

To improve the security of your website, you can:

  • strengthen the protection of your identification data (password or code)
  • constantly monitor settings of your site
  • regularly perform backups and checks of security
  • frequently perform updates of your security system
  • integrate the HTTPS function and request the SSL certificate

The SSL certificate optimally secures the data transfer. To get it, you’d better go to a reliable web host like WordPress.

You will understand, owning a website is good, securing it is better. To do this, do not hesitate to call on a professional and expert company in the field.

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