Investing in Art – When Young Artists Can Pay Big

If investing in art was reserved for the privileged classes, today it has become democratized thanks to its financialization and the dematerialization of information. Today we tell you all about how to invest in art, but also which horse to bet on to invest your money on young artists!

Investing in art: How to go about it?

It is now very easy to have access to an artist catalog without going to the auction room to bid on works by artists, such as the works of art presented on Kazoart which identifies the most talented artists even before their first listing in the auction room, a godsend.

Before going headlong in the art market, you’re going to need to do some research on the artist you want to invest in.

So, learn everything about him: his biography, the context of his work, artistic prizes if there are any, but also if other collectors are on the spot or if he is present in museums.

You can also take the opportunity to specialize in an artistic movement. In any case trust yourself and choose works that will make you vibrate! Once this step is over, we advise you to invest in unique pieces if you are looking for an investment.

Indeed, the value of a reproducible work of art will have a much lower value than a unique piece and will also be less rare! Note that you will absolutely have to take into account the presence of the artist’s signature, but also a certificate of authenticity.

Young artists to follow

If we advise you not to invest in classical art, it is not without reason, it is an area where the art market is the most stable, you should know that contemporary art has seen its prices soar especially for several years with the strong demand for Street Art and Art Tech.

In Street Art

The first street artist we present is none other than Shepard Fairey. He started with his “Giant Obey” campaign, but it was with his “Hope” poster on Barack Obama that he was propelled onto the international scene in 2008.

Fairey’s style is easily recognizable: a work that takes up the codes of Soviet propaganda, the color red, his trademark, or even the use of slogans like “Obey” or “This is your God”.

The second street artist, just as iconic as the first, is Bansky. If he conceals his true identity, he nevertheless remains a street artist who does not hesitate to provoke, to shock society with his ever more subversive works.

Regarding his style, Bansky works from stencils filled with details that he creates himself. As for Shepard Fairey, he uses slogans where the message is often libertarian, anti-system or even anti-capitalist.

In Art Tech

Where there is also a niche to take is in digital art or “Art Tech” according to Anne-Cécile Worms, serial entrepreneur in the field of innovation and culture. If the United States and China have bet on this new art form, this is not yet the case with us! You can therefore be quite a pioneer in this area.

A few platforms on the Internet have specialized in this hybrid art form and can advise you on your future investments. However, among the artists to follow, we recommend Bertrand Planes and Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, two talents who remain accessible.

The first does a lot of work on entertainment and the play of appearances, while the second works on the play of light, sculpture and new technologies for the creation of his works.

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