Is being a bicycle courier to make ends meet in Lyon, a good idea?

Would you like to have a little bonus in your account at the end of the month? Are you a student, do you want to concentrate on your studies while having the opportunity to earn some money? Or do you just love cycling, and the prospect of being a bicycle courier interests you very much?

It is very easy to be recruited as a bicycle courier, as delivery services like UberEats and Deliveroo are well established in Lyon. But will the profession suit you? Here are the conditions for becoming a bicycle courier and the advantages you can benefit from.

Equipment required

To be a bicycle courier, you will need your own bicycle as well as a recent smartphone. Indeed, delivery services operate mainly through phone applications.

Delivery bags and outfits are provided by the company. If you are interested in the profession, but you do not yet have a bike, do not hesitate to consult our guide on the best bikes for the profession of courier.

If you have this material available, you are ready to go! Being a bicycle courier does not require any diploma or any special skills: it is an excellent complement to the activity, and recruitment is very easy.

The conditions of exercise

Some companies offer CDI or CDD bicycle courier, but it is then less easy to get recruited. If you are applying for one of the more well-known online delivery services, you will probably need to operate as a micro-entrepreneur.

You are generally supported in the creation of your micro-business. The procedures are extremely simple, and can be done entirely online. You will have to remember to declare your income regularly, and you will be taxed on your turnover.

It may seem restrictive, but it is also very educational: you will learn how to better manage your money and take your expenses into account. For students interested in starting a business, this is ideal.

Work schedule

The advantage of being a bicycle courier is that the hours are very flexible, so you can easily fit them into your schedule. All you have to do is choose the periods during which you are available, and you will directly receive orders to be placed on your smartphone.


By taking into account the charges they have to pay, bicycle couriers generally earn € 7 net for 1 hour of work. Given the flexibility and ease of recruitment of the profession, this remains an interesting addition.

The particularities of the profession in Lyon

The majority of delivery services are present in Lyon, and there is no shortage of customers. While you won’t have a hard time getting races, you will still need to be fit and motivated: the city’s many climbs and hills will require you to be in excellent physical shape.

As a side job to supplement your income that you consider too low, or to be able to grant yourself a few additional outings if you are studying in Lyon, the job of bicycle courier is an opportunity not to be overlooked.

Photo Credit: Roel Wijnants

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