Is Extreme-Download for Streaming a Good Solution?

For a few years now, watching films, series or others has not been limited to what TV channels offer us. You can now watch your favorite programs at any time from the sofa in your living room. It is the revolution brought about by video streaming that has allowed many cinema enthusiasts to change their habits. Many platforms then offer streaming with more or less efficiency. A streaming platform like Extreme-Download its distinguished in this sector and is one of the most sought after in France and around the world. This download site offers a variety of programs in original version and in French: films, series, video games, e-books, manga, and even music. In this article focusing on the Extreme-Download streaming platform, we discuss its strengths, history, operation and others.

Presentation of the Extreme-Download platform

  • A streaming platform that is of high quality

Extreme-Download is a streaming platform established in France and offering DDL (direct download from links). On the platform, it is therefore possible to watch unlimited online videos and download them to your computer if you wish. It is the “Download Zone” site that has largely inspired this new platform. On Extreme-Download, downloads are made via links to sites offering various content from films, series, among others.

It is an ergonomic platform subdivided into 3 distinct columns dedicated to a given activity: a first column which categorizes the content, a second which presents content clearly and a third which presents all the media available to the platform level. It is a very well organized site like the many others on the internet

A little history about this platform

The history of the Extreme-Download platform is closely linked to the direct download site model, “Download Zone” which is among the Top 10 platforms for watching movies in streaming, created in 2012. Indeed, the emergence of this streaming platform has inspired other sites that have emerged during the five years since its birth. This is particularly the case with the Extreme-Download platform which took over and stole its place as the most popular direct download site in France.

However, the life of this new site has not been easy. In particular, it has undergone changes which have led it to change its address and not of domains: migrations at the end of 2016 and twice in 2017. Consequently, the old site is only used a simple link for the brand new Extreme-Download address which continues its raison d’être.

The most popular download site in France

  • What is the correct Extreme-Download address?

The current success of Extreme-Download is largely linked to the density of its offer. To further increase its catalog, Extreme-Download opts for an emphasis on its content. Thus, various links allow you to watch or download more movies, series, added to TV shows, live events, games, music among others. As a result, over the years, Extreme-Download has managed to forge a large community of users around it who come to use its site and its services. This therefore prompted the streaming platform to migrate to other addresses to counter any pursuit and filtering. So, the new Extreme-Download address to watch and download videos is: The old address serves as a link to this new one.

  • How does this streaming site work?

Navigating through the Extreme-Download platform is the easiest thing to do. All its content is distributed through the 3 columns that compose it. The Internet user can therefore access various categories of video programs (films and series), music, video games, software, e-books, among others. The “4K” category is also accessible to Internet users, which is also where Extreme-Download makes the difference against some of its competitors. The Internet user can, if he wishes, download these categories, films, series, manga, in UltraHD quality. A search bar allows him to easily find the desired program. When you choose a media to watch, a playback window will be opened at the third column.

Be wary of clone sites and fake sites

Since the Extreme-Download download and streaming platform is very successful in France and around the world, some people want to take advantage of this notoriety. This is how it is possible to find in the first search results with search engines, sites which have cloned the Extreme-Download platform. This is particularly the case with, a clone site that has taken all the forms of the real site to such an extent that it could deceive more than one.

This is a true copy except with a few differences, in particular the fact of being redirected to an error link or a registration and a supply of bank details will be requested in particular. A dangerous situation, it is therefore recommended to remain vigilant. To deal with this, it is advisable to go directly to the site from your new address.

How to enjoy Extreme-Download on mobile?

The contents of the Extreme-Download platform are accessible on mobile phones on Android and on iPhone. For that, it was enough to go to Twitter in particular at the level of the biography dedicated to the platform, but their account was suspended like that of Yggtorrent. From there the site link is available, just click it to be redirected there. So, you can enjoy all the content offered by Extreme-Download from your Android phone. The same procedure is required if you have an iPhone phone. Make sure you use a secure mobile internet connection or VPN to secure your data. You should know that currently, there is no Extreme-Download mobile application yet.

Streaming is illegal, how do I watch movies and series legally?

Streaming is a process that has been around for ten years. It consists of using an external server and making content available for self-service and online distribution. So, any Internet user who goes to a platform offering streaming in this section, is not illegal. He can freely enjoy the content offered to him. On the other hand, offering this kind of content on a website without having the required rights and authorizations is illegal. Streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or OCS are considered legal, the opposite of a site such as Extreme-Download.

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