Is having my application developed in Symfony an asset?

It is not always easy to develop an application, the best is to go through an agency whose job it is and which will advise the best possible. Often you will hear about frameworks to facilitate the implementation of an application, Symfony is one of them, but what is it really worth?

Symfony, the French framework, popular in all web agencies

Symfony is a framework created by a French web agency SensioLabs, in 2005. It is a framework written in PHP with the model seen controller (MVC). What differentiates this system from other tools is that it is open-source, the code is accessible by all.

It has become a very popular and used framework, there is not a symfony agency that does not offer it to its clients, to develop their application. The idea of ​​going through an agency is a solution to facilitate the creation of an application, you will save time and you will have the advantage of having an application developed by professionals, responding to your request.

Why choose Symfony to develop its application?

Opted for the Symfony framework, has many advantages for developing an application:

  • Symfony, a flexible, fully configurable system, it is ideal as an expert, but also for beginners.
  • Symfony allows you to develop highly secure applications
  • It is a powerful framework with a large community, for mutual help
  • Symfony allows infinite extension, you don’t have to reconfigure an entire structure every time, you can use bundles in different projects and modify them to adapt them
  • It is a perfect ally of debugging, you will have a beautiful debugging toolbar, a lot of information at each stage of the application’s development, such as the memory used for an action, the loading time to obtain a rendering particular
  • Symfony makes testing easy, the system uses PHPUnit, which allows you to do some testing; stimulating http requests, parses the results, without having to write another script

What can be done with Symfony?

As with many PHP frameworks, you can do a lot of things, you have no limit, only your imagination will be a barrier to creation. It is a powerful tool that allows you to develop complex applications and websites. However, it is a very easy to use tool thanks to its Ruby On Rails type programming method.

By using Symfony, you can take advantage of the various Ajax helpers available, as well as plugins and an admits generator interface. All these elements make it very easy to develop applications.

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