Is installing an IP telephone system in your company complicated?

Installing an IP telephone system, to facilitate communication in your company, is the ideal solution. But is it complicated to integrate, what are the stages? and why is it good to switch to IP telephony in your company.

How to Install an IP Phone System in Your Business

To integrate an IP phone system into your company, just follow a few steps. These are not complicated steps, but it is important to go through the right technicians for an optimal installation.

1time Step: Have Internet access

To start the installation, you must have internet access. To avoid exorbitant fees, do not hesitate to look at the offers of the various internet providers. Remember to take the best possible connection and look at what is best, but above all, what is possible between ADSL, VDSL, SDSL, or fiber

2th Step: Have a suitable VoIP plan

In order to have a functional ip phone system, one must have an appropriate VoIP package. For a business, it is good to have a plan adapted to its needs. The best is to choose an unlimited plan or one that works with a meter system. The second solution makes it possible to adapt according to the number of user stations, calls at the same time or even the number of external lines.

3th Step: Have the right equipment

You need to ensure the portability of back issues, so you don’t have to do research. Choose a plan that is best suited to your business needs. You may need transfer, or call restrictions, make simultaneous calls, or link the system with your CRM.

4th Step: Correctly configure the system

The last step is the fastest, the technicians have installed the whole system, they just need to activate it and the transmission will be done very quickly, it only takes a few minutes. So you don’t have to worry about any interruption in your company, you can do your usual business and continue your working day.

The advantages of IP telephony in business

Choosing to upgrade to an IP phone system in your company has a few advantages, which are important to consider.

  • You will significantly reduce your company’s telephone bill
  • It is a good choice for the future, it is easier to configure an IP system in case of technological evolution
  • You promote mobility in your company, the sets are no longer hung up on a fixed telephone line.
  • The possibility of being more flexible, all data and equipment are linked to the same network and therefore operate on the same protocol

Do not forget to secure this system

The only constraint that exists today, but that is easy to solve, is system security. Indeed, it is possible to undergo a saturation of the service, espionage or a hijacking of the lines used.

To avoid this happening, the system must be fitted with numerous safety barriers. You can set up firewalls, encrypt data, limit bandwidth, protect network resources. These are examples, however be aware that each supplier will be able to offer you the appropriate system, ensuring the security of your system.

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