Is It Profitable to Buy a Hybrid Car?

With rising fuel prices, many people are turning to hybrid cars. It is for this reason that there are now several brands that offer hybrid models. However, the question that often comes up is whether a hybrid car is profitable.

How much does a hybrid car cost?

Plug-in hybrid cars are increasingly used in France. The brands are numerous and you have the choice among others between the Peugeot, the Toyota, the Kia or the Volkswagen. As for the prices, they vary between 40,500 euros and 94,970 euros (excluding bonuses). You should know that these prices vary according to power (number of horses), autonomy, version and consumption.

The Volkswagen Passat GTE, for example, is a hybrid car model worth 50,200 euros. Its autonomy is between 41 and 70 km with a power of 218 horsepower and a consumption of 1.6 l/100 km. As for the Volkswagen Golf eHybrid, it has a range of between 46 and 47 km. Its power can go up to 462 horsepower and consumption is between 2.7 and 2.8 l/km. Its price is 80,200 euros excluding bonuses.

How much will I really save with a hybrid car?

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Hybrid vehicles have several advantages, starting with their consumption. Indeed, they are more economical than petrol or diesel vehicles. When a hybrid car is at normal speed, its consumption is only electric, but when the speed is high, it consumes gasoline assisted by electricity.

This means that it consumes less fuel and saves more (even in terms of the cost of fuel over 20,000 km) than thermal vehicles. Plug-in hybrid cars are even more economical than other types of hybrids in terms of fuel consumption, because they can run 100% on electric power for tens of kilometres.

On a hybrid car, you can also save money on the upkeep and maintenance of the engine, which is inexpensive than thermal engines.

Hybrid or electric, which is more profitable?

Whether it’s a new or used vehicle, an electric car is much more profitable than a hybrid. Take the example of the cost of maintenance. For an electric vehicle, it is evaluated over one year at 3,640 euros against 4,040 euros for a plug-in hybrid. The profitability of electric models is also at the level of the price of energy which is 73% cheaper than gasoline.

Compared to the kilometer traveled, the electric car is also a winner. Indeed for large rollers (from 20,000 km) the electric saves on average 1,275 euros and for small rollers (10,000 km per year) it can save up to 626 euros.

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