Is the Aliexpress site reliable or is it a scam?

“The rise of e-commerce to the detriment of convenience stores and supermarkets”: this is a subject that has been in the headlines for several years. Amazon is one of the main players in this booming market.

Far from being the only one, this group is facing competition from the rise of Chinese online sites, such as the famous Aliexpress. But is it really worth it?

Aliexpress the most famous Chinese online store

Aliexpress is an online sales site of the Alibaba group founded by Chinese Jack Ma. Bringing together millions of sellers, this platform offers a multitude of products, ranging from clothing to technological products to cosmetics. It is generally compared to Chinese sites such as Shein or Romwe.

Why such an interest ?

The rise of online sales platforms such as Aliexpress can be explained by many factors. The most important: the prices are much cheaper. Everyone prefers to pay for a € 5 T-shirt online rather than € 15 in stores!

These unbeatable prices can be explained by the absence of an intermediary and the fact that there is no VAT or customs fees.

Aliexpress, the El Dorado of Consumers?

If we summarize, Aliexpress is a site that offers all kinds of products at a lower price. So why would we deny it? Isn’t there something too beautiful?

Consumer mistrust of Aliexpress

All Chinese professionals can sell their products on Aliexpress. Although there are conditions, they are not restrictive enough to prevent fraud, such as counterfeiting. Many consumers have made this criticism thus tempering the craze on the site. Just because we pay less doesn’t mean we don’t want value for our money, does it?

Not to mention the risk of buying a fake, consumer mistrust is also explained by the fact that we can never be absolutely sure of the quality of the product we order on the platform.

What products to order so as not to be disappointed?

One of the best ways to limit the risk of disappointment when our order arrives is to order a product that has received a lot of reviews and most of which have been positive! We should also give preference to everyday products which do not need to be of irreproachable quality to suit us.

Since the sellers on this platform are Chinese, the products come from China, we will understand. Let us keep in mind, that escaping all customs control, the products do not meet European standards! Let us ban all hair and cosmetic products, the composition of which could be harmful to our health.

So should you take the plunge and buy on Aliexpress?

Faced with such opportunities, it seems impossible to us not to seize them. However, perhaps we should think twice. The long delivery times, the questionable quality of certain products can quickly make us disillusioned.

But, who knows, maybe we could do the deal of the century? As the saying goes: “whoever tries nothing has nothing” …

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