Is the Eglobal Central site reliable or is it a scam?

Eglobal Central created in 2013 is an international e-commerce or online store platform based in Hong Kong that sells high-tech products from major brands at better prices sometimes exceeding any competitor in the market. Based in over 11 countries around the world such as: Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, UK, Australia.

The peculiarity of Eglobal Central, whose product warehouse is based in Hong Kong, is in fact the proposition in their online store of the most appreciated and indispensable high-end electronic accessories. These include cameras, cell phones, lenses, speakers, tablets, audio equipment, gadgets, portable items, external hard drives, computer accessories, and more.

Benefits of the eglobal Central site

Eglobal central being one of the number 1 in quality and less expensive product, customers are flocking to this website online for the very attractive price, saving a little money by buying high brands. – Expensive tech at a lower cost.

Product return policy

The return policy for products is very friendly and in this case you can get at least thirty days to have the return made. If we are not satisfied with our ordered product, we can return it to the dealer and request an exchange offer or be refunded.

Reasons to choose Eglobal Central

Free shipping is one of the most important features that made Eglobal Central more popular. These offers not only make our purchasing budget favorable, but we can also have the chance to buy the more expensive branded products for less. The guarantee is therefore fast delivery of the products to your doorstep.

Is Eglobal central safe for customers?

The company’s site is secure and therefore secure payment options have been included. You can choose one of the different means among the options available without fear of losing this information which is highly secure and receiving an automatically generated confirmation email in the email identifier.

All payment options available: PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Aurore Card, Cofinoga or Privilege, 4 Stars.

Eglobal contact details: 132 Nathan Street, Hong Kong Town and for phone number: +852 8199 0575 for marketing only and as an email address for any customer issue.

The law applicable to the client of this platform

We observe in the general conditions defined by this site that only Hong Kong law applies to the customer regardless of the dispute and this right cannot be opposed to any other, which means that if the authorities of a third country managed to manage the difference in favor of the customer, this would be up to the Hong Kong authorities to make the final decision.

Are the delivered products of good quality?

Eglobal Central as an e-commerce website draws its resources from all the major companies in the world like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Lg, Nokia, Apple, Microsoft and many more. It should be noted that despite the customer concern, this site delivers the most expensive high-end products at a lower cost and these accessories are original products from these subsidiaries.

How can I place an order on this site?

We can simply do it in 3 steps:

  1. We start by searching for the product by brand followed by its series, then by filtering by price in the search bar.
  2. Then, we choose the product and add it to the basket by clicking on it.
  3. Finally we check if the product exists in the basket and place his order.

In the end, can we order without risk on Eglobal central?

In the end, we cannot ask future Eglobal central customers not to play the game of this site but to observe the opinions offered by old or new customers who have made purchases on this website. For more security opted for a delivery with insurance and ordered by credit card (CB) and or by PayPal.

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