Is the GearBest site reliable or is it a scam?

Among the many Chinese e-commerce sites offering unbeatable prices, GearBest is the one specializing in electronic products. It owes its success to the many high-tech Chinese smartphone and gadget brands available in its catalog. However, is the site reliable, or is it a scam?

The quality of the products available on GearBest, a scam?

Unlike other Chinese sites like Aliexpress or Wish, GearBest is not a marketplace. This means that quality control is much stricter, with all of the products offered being stored and sold by GearBest themselves.

From this difference, the site makes its strength by offering the biggest Chinese high tech brands (Huawei, Xiaomi…) and which are, for the most part, certified and authorized for sale in France.

The products are for the most part the same as those available in our regions, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the products of these different and famous Chinese brands.

However, the situation is different with products that are not branded and that are very far from the quality standards in France. To avoid having a bad surprise on arrival, we advise you to ignore them to favor branded products.

Costs and delivery time on GearBest

The vast majority of products sold by GearBeast are shipped from China or Hong Kong and in very rare cases, from warehouses in Europe. For delivery times from Asia, it usually takes 10 to 30 days for standard delivery.

GearBeast does however offer several delivery methods for its shipments and they are all available for delivery in Metropolitan France:

  • Unregistred Air Mail : Estimated delivery time between 10 and 30 days. Classic delivery, available for € 0.50.
  • Registred Air Mail : Estimated delivery time between 10 and 30 days. Price according to the weight of the package and the origin of the shipment (China or Kong-Kong).
  • Priority Line : Estimated delivery time between 7 and 15 days. Price according to the weight of the package and the origin of the shipment (China or Kong-Kong).
  • Expedited Shipping : Estimated delivery time between 7 and 15 days. Price and tariff according to the weight of the package and the origin of the shipment (China or Kong-Kong).

It is also possible to add insurance depending on the product for a few extra euros. Be careful, however, for delivery to a country other than France, some of these delivery methods may not be available.

Customs fees and import tax with GearBest

In France, the customs charges in force are linked to 20% VAT and apply for orders over € 50 and in particular on branded electronic products. Below this amount, you do not risk customs fees.

Depending on the amount of your order on GearBeast, it is therefore possible to have additional costs if your package is checked by customs. But to qualify, however, know that the risk is very low if you buy individually or in small quantities.

Faced with the continuous flow of parcels from China, customs control as a priority large orders to look for counterfeit products and / or intended for resale. The chances that your package will be checked is therefore minimal, but not impossible.

Despite everything, if this should happen to you, you will therefore have to pay an additional 20% of the purchase price of your order, with the postman or directly at the post office to be entitled to collect your package.

How to pay for purchases on GearBest?

On Gearbest you can pay for your purchases with a credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover), by bank transfer or with your Paypal account.

Among these means of payment, you do not have to worry about paying with a bank card. The platform has the appropriate protocols to complete transactions securely.

For the more undecided, Paypal obviously remains the most secure payment service for online purchases. Also note that the service offers buyer protection, with reimbursement possible, in the event of major disputes with a seller.

Returns and refunds on GearBest, good after-sales service?

GearBest’s after-sales service is not the worst in this area, but since we are talking about an electronic product sent from Asia, claiming the warranty is necessarily more complicated than products purchased in France.

In its return policy, for products broken on arrival, GearBest allows buyers 3 days after receipt of the package to contact their after-sales service and accept or not to initiate a return procedure. In this case, the return costs are refunded up to $ 50.

For the money back guarantee in the event of faulty products, you have 45 days from receipt to return the product and receive an exchange or a refund. In this case, the return costs are not reimbursed.

Finally, the repair guarantee. Most products are guaranteed for 1 year and you will need to send them to GearBest for repair. In this case, the costs of returning and distributing the product are fully covered by the site.

Be careful, however, in the event of a breakdown or breakage caused by you, voluntarily or involuntarily, the various guarantees presented above will not be applicable by GearBest.

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