Is the iOffer site reliable or is it a scam?

iOffer is an online store built on a system similar to Aliexpress, namely quality products at low prices, it is even one of the main competitors. Thus, we can buy a multitude of products, ranging from a simple T-shirt to the rental of an apartment, including handbags or even perfume.

What is the iOffer online store?

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, iOffer is an online marketplace that offers a range of over 100 million items for thousands of buyers and users.

In addition to charging more than attractive prices, the particularity of iOffer is to offer the possibility of negotiating the price of an item with the seller.

Indeed, when we locate an item that we want to buy, we can contact the seller to negotiate the price of the item we want to buy.

Can we trust iOffer to make our purchases?

In view of the system used by iOffer, we are entitled to wonder if particularly low prices do not impact the quality, or if on such a large site are all sellers reliable?

We observed at first that the delivery times vary between 3 weeks and a little over a month depending on the orders.

Secondly, “branded” products seem to be avoided, as there are heavy assumptions of counterfeiting despite some customers stressing that the quality of the products and the finishes are remarkable for the price paid.

Finally, and finally the real gray area that we have found on this site are the fake sellers. These profiles are created for the purpose of mounting scams, to do this they usually ask you for a credit card transaction to purchase the product.

iOffer to flee or should you buy by sorting?

One lesson we can take from this review on iOffer is that the site is NOT to be shied away, there are real good opportunities to be seized. Overall the quality of the products is more than adequate for the price paid.

In addition, to protect yourself from scams, we advise you never to trust a seller who refuses a transaction by PayPal (platform where you do not enter your bank details AND where you can be reimbursed in the event of a scam) .

In conclusion, we can say that if you want to buy any item at low cost and you don’t really mind having to wait a month for delivery then iOffer is the site for us. Nevertheless, it is always good to note that you should be extra careful when selecting a seller’s item. We advise you to check that its rating is positive, with a good number of items sold and that the comments are positive (you must be doubly vigilant on the comments concerning the delivery time), and finally we strongly recommend to prefer deal with sellers with a PayPal link.

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