Is the Romwe Site a Good Idea or a Bad Idea for Shopping?

Romwe is a Chinese e-commerce platform exclusively dedicated to fashion, famous for its competitive prices and the richness of its product catalog.

But is it a reliable and secure reference for your online purchases? In general, this store is ideal if you are looking for inexpensive fashion clothes and accessories. However, the quality of the products remains fairly relative and we alert you to the need to be careful when shopping.

Presentation of the Romwe website

Romwe is one of the Chinese leaders in online sales. The site specializes in the marketing of all kinds of fashion items. Like few platforms in its category, the store stands out with an extremely varied product catalog and is illustrated by very attractive prices and breathtaking promotions. On Romwe you can easily and inexpensively find clothes (dresses, T-shirts, skirts, jeans, swimsuits…), bags and shoes, jewelry and many more.

How does Romwe work?

Romwe operates like a classic e-commerce site. In other words, the brand ensures the direct sale of its products. The company gets its supplies, manages its own stocks and is responsible for the products sold on its site. It therefore differs from Marketplaces like Aliexpress which is content to group together independent traders and sellers freely offering their products.

What are Romwe’s strengths?

Here are some advantages that Romwe offers and that you will not always find at most competing sites (European in particular):

  • Extremely low prices, as well as promotions and discounts all year round. Indeed, the prices displayed are so cheap that in reality you lose almost nothing by trying the products.
  • Millions of articles dedicated to fashion for all styles and tastes. The site gives you access to one of the largest collections of clothing and accessories for women, men and even children, the latest trends and selections of items by season.
  • Free delivery for your orders from 48 €, as well as the coverage of customs fees and VAT.
  • The security of purchases on the store.

What are the disadvantages of Romwe?

The negative points frequently criticized by buyers relate mainly to:

  • The sizes of the items. Indeed, Asian sizes seem narrower than the norms and standards to which we are used.
  • The quality of the products remains average, even low (without being deplorable). So don’t expect to receive high quality high fashion clothing, cotton or silk.
  • Articles that do not always reflect the description made on the site.
  • The delivery times are quite long.

How to ensure the quality of the products on the store?

The best way to get an idea of ​​the quality of an item you want to buy is by relying on reviews from customers who have verified their purchase. So you should take the trouble to read the reviews and comments left by buyers. In the absence of a customer opinion available on a coveted product, you will have to make sure to check the size, the characteristics of the fabric and visit the style gallery to have an overview of the actual rendering of the item.

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