Is the Wish site and app reliable or is it a scam?

While the Wish app has been on the minds of users for a long time, most don’t know what to think of the shopping app. Many consider the free app to be essential, as it offers products for the whole family at a ridiculous price.

However, many people do not yet dare to order on Wish given the origin of the products, China.

Is our privacy threatened? Is the Wish app legal? We try to answer the most important questions about and the Wish app.

What can the Wish app do?

Wish just like some apps offer cheap products from China, especially a wide variety of products. However, the apps only serve as a sales platform, which means that various Chinese resellers can offer their products and the buyer has no guarantee whether the reseller in question is reputable or not. Comparable is the structure with large marketplaces such as eBay or Aliexpress.

How does the Wish app work?

After signing up for Wish (for example, by email or Facebook), you can browse the products. The downside was that you had to register with the Android app only to use the app. At Apple, there is currently no registration requirement. But there are always differences between the two OS.

If you register through Facebook, you cannot see the permissions that the app’s social media platform has. But it can be assumed here that Facebook gives an overview of the corresponding purchases, so that, for example, advertising on Facebook can be better personalized. Everyone has to decide for themselves how much they trust the Facebook check-in. You can also like the products and share the shopping list with your friends.

Payment methods and delivery time.

Usually, the Wish app offers the payment method by credit card. Unfortunately, PayPal is not possible for purchase protection.

Note, before ordering, that the shipping costs increase according to the number of items, each reseller choosing his own shipping costs. The downside is that Wish doesn’t give exact information about shipping costs, this is just a suggestion. However, the costs that will then be paid by the buyer in the event of an actual purchase are only discovered during the checkout process.

In addition, the delivery time is only indicated as an approximation because here too it depends on the distributor.

Customs & Taxes What Happens When Purchasing With The Wish App?

Since these platforms are just middlemen, you need to take care of customs duties and taxes as a buyer. If the value of the goods remains below the duty free, no additional charges will be applied. Excess excess, customs duties and import VAT may be charged.

Can we trust the Wish app?

The attractive prices, the long delivery time, this should make everyone aware of the hypothesis made here to do good business. Of course, things are insanely inexpensive, especially compared to the prices compared to better quality products. But you have to accept much lower quality and delivery time of about a month.

Although the app claims that their purchases are safe and easy, it is not possible to monitor every reseller. There may therefore be delivery problems, wrong or damaged parts, etc.

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