Is Zimbra the Right Social Collaboration Software for Your Business?

Professionally speaking, it is essential to use social collaboration software for the good management of your business. In this context, Zimbra is one of the most widely used messaging and collaboration software. This software is already adopted by more than 5000 companies and public sector organizations in various countries. Zoom on this online messaging with multiple features.

Zimbra the social collaboration software to choose

If you are looking for ergonomic and well-designed social collaboration software, Zimbra can suit your preferences. This is software designed in the USA and has a plethora of features. Zimbra particularly supports multi-tenancy and delegated administration and delegated administration for both service providers and hosts.

With this software, you can benefit from services such as the creation of domain parameters, delegated administration according to roles or the personalization of the web customer experience. In addition, there are other services such as the management of functionalities offered to users or even quotas and storage policies.

What are the points that favor this solution?

Zimbra is software that offers a rich user experience, since its interface is particularly user-friendly. Here are some benefits of using Zimbra software.

All functionalities

This social collaboration software offers innovative features for businesses and public sector organizations. Thanks to its support for virtualization, Zimbra enables high availability. Online backup and restore is also a feature that this software offers. This functionality is very valid at the level of the mailbox of each user.

We also have the functionality of synchronization and file sharing without forgetting the advanced storage management. The software offers security features including email encryption, secure communications via TLS, HTTPS, etc. We also have the archiving and discovery of emails which are intended for legal and audit operations. With Zimbra, the functionalities are multiple.

Ease of use

Compared to some software, Zimbra is particularly easy to use. It comes with a very easy to use web administration console that allows IT administrators to access the application securely. Administration can also be performed through a command line interface (CLI).

This software provides self-service administration features that help reduce administration and technical support costs. Furthermore, it should be noted that this software integrates very easily with third-party security applications.

Accessibility mode

The other important point of this software is the accessibility mode. Users can log into the Zimbra web portal through their smartphone or computer. This allows you to access your emails anywhere and anytime. From the console, your administrators can easily monitor and manage company user policies and access.

Client service

With a vibrant open source community, Zimbra has pretty responsive customer service. Its customer service is available 24/24, 7 days a week, and even during the holidays. They can be contacted by phone, by going to the support web page or by post.

Zimbra also has a free line for people who want more information about registrations.

How do you use Zimbra for your business?

To use Zimbra, you must first go to your Subscriber Area on the software in order to connect. It is then up to you to enter your username and password. The next step is to select the “Manage my email accounts” tab. It is after all these steps that you can create your new mail space with Zimbra.

If you are a new user, Zimbra automatically offers you offers to which you can subscribe. With Zimbra, you have the guarantee that the emails exchanged in your company are confidential.

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