Joom Reviews – A Trusted Site or a Scam?

Joom is a popular Chinese e-commerce site that has a reputation for being reliable with the millions of buyers who use it.

The store offers good deals on a wide choice of products and even offers to deliver them to you for free. However, as advantageous as it may be, ordering on the site is not without its drawbacks.

Presentation of the Chinese Joom store

Joom is an e-commerce platform created in 2016 and specializing in the marketing of products mainly from Chinese brands. The site ranks among the best international online sales platforms near leaders like Aliexpress, powered by its vast catalog and its prices defying the competition.

Many advantages when shopping Joom

Joom has many advantages for shopping, a complete store with a wide choice of products, accessories, clothing, toys, computers and many more.

Free delivery costs

This is one of the biggest assets you can enjoy on this store. While sites like Aliexpress charge you a shipping fee, Joom offers them to you for free. A good opportunity for you to save on shipping costs.

A wide choice of products at low prices

Joom also stands out for the size of its product catalog and its attractiveness. You have easy access to the vast Chinese market from the comfort of your own home. You can buy directly from sellers or manufacturing companies and benefit from advantageous prices on various categories such as fashion, High-Tech, Sport, products for home, garden …

An application designed for the customer

A simplified and personalized shopping experience is reserved for you with a tailor-made mobile application. It is even more ergonomic and user-friendly than that offered by competitors like Wish, with a neat and intuitive interface. You can easily navigate between item categories, order more easily and even benefit from exclusive discounts and bonuses.

After-sales service completely in French

Joom did not stop at simply translating its platform into French. All the services offered by the store are multilingual, including after-sales service. The after-sales staff communicate in French and can ideally assist you if necessary.

The disadvantages you may encounter on Joom

However, you will have to be patient, because delivery times can be long and it is possible to have Paypal fees.

Delivery times can be long

The problem of long delivery times is common to all Chinese e-commerce platforms. Joom is no exception. By ordering from the store, you should expect that the delivery of your packages will take longer, even a whole month.

By paying with Paypal, fees are possible

The store offers you the possibility to pay via PayPal. Which is an advantage for the simplicity and security of the process. The downside, however, is the 4% commission fee that the site charges when you use this payment option.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

To make your purchases simply without constraint, it is necessary to follow these few tips, before making your purchases.

Will I receive counterfeit products?

By buying on this marketplace it may happen that you receive counterfeit products or the quality of which does not meet your expectations. But do not panic !

The shop is also home to serious sellers with good products. Just be sure to be more vigilant about the quality of the items by reading their descriptions and looking at reviews / comments left by customers.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

If the item received does not suit you, if it is incorrect, defective or damaged on delivery, the site grants you the right to claim a refund. You then have up to 30 days from the date of receipt of the item to request a refund. After this deadline, your reimbursement request could no longer be successful.

How does delivery work with Joom?

With Joom your international deliveries are free and fully supported by the seller you have ordered from.

Each item ordered is then packaged and can be shipped using one of the 3 delivery methods Standard, Economy or Express, depending on the characteristics of the item. Once shipped, a tracking number is generated that allows you to track the delivery status of your package.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

Unless there is a change in the current customs regulations, you will not be able to free yourself from customs fees by purchasing on Joom. These additional costs include 20% VAT when the value of your product reaches 22 €. As well as a fixed amount for customs if your product exceeds 150 €.

What to think of Joom compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

Joom is comparable to its competitors Wish and Aliexpress in that like the latter, it is based on a marketplace system. This does not force him to have stock. It simply puts buyers and customers in touch with each other.

But as we have noted, the site really stands out for the advantages it offers. It is positioned as one of the best alternatives to consider if you are looking for a more beneficial site than AliExpress or Wish.

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