Joom Reviews – Is It a Trusted Site to Shop for?

More recent on the web, Joom is currently ranked among the benchmark international e-commerce sites for the online sale of products at low prices.

Its free delivery option, its vast catalog, its attractive prices and the quality of its after-sales service are undoubtedly the main assets that set this Chinese site apart from others. But is it a reliable choice for your purchases?

We have reviewed this Chinese store and give you our opinion about it.

Presentation of the Chinese Joom store

The Joom site is an international marketplace created in 2016 and open to Internet users since 2017. Its platform is renowned for the wide variety of products it offers, its mobile application and above all the competitive prices it offers. Which earned it to be considered one of the best alternatives to the giant Aliexpress.

All the highlights when shopping on this site

Joom makes you want to make these purchases on this site, with communication without fail on social networks. But to go further, here are a few points that might convince you.

Free delivery costs

One of the best things about Joom is that it provides free shipping for all the items you can buy on its platform. This saves you money on the delivery of your packages.

A wide choice of products at low prices

Joom also draws its notoriety from its impressive collection of products of all kinds. In addition to Chinese products, its catalog now includes products from Europe, the United Kingdom, South Korea, etc. that you can buy at the most advantageous prices.

An application designed for the customer

Compared to those of competing sites like Aliexpress, the mobile application designed by Joom is more ergonomic. It is more focused on the customer experience that it intends to simplify as much as possible. It is simple and user-friendly. Ordering is easy here and you can even benefit from exclusive in-app discounts and bonuses.

After-sales service completely in French

The site innovates by also offering a multilingual after-sales service with teams speaking French. You can therefore be sure that in the event of a problem you will have no trouble making yourself understood or making your requests to after-sales service.

What are the negatives when ordering on Joom?

Who says advantages, often says negative points, they can be real obstacles to the purchase, but can also help you to better make your purchases on this site.

Delivery times can be long

One downside you can expect with Joom is the rather long delivery times. Especially for your items that will be delivered from warehouses based in China. It may then take up to 90 days between the date of shipment of your package and the date of its receipt by you.

By paying with Paypal, fees are possible

If buying via Paypal has the merit of being more secure, this solution has the disadvantage of being expensive on the platform. Indeed, if you wish to pay for your purchase with the Paypal method, Joom will charge a commission of around 4% on the amount of the transaction.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

To take full advantage of the benefits that Joom offers, here are some additional tips for safe shopping.

Will I receive counterfeit products?

The marketplace system adopted by Joom does not allow it to have perfect control of the quality and conformity of the items offered by all its sellers. From time to time you may receive counterfeit items with fake logos of popular brands.

The low quality of Chinese brand products on the site is compensated for with the integration of products of European and Korean origin which, however, have a higher price.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

The general conditions of sale state that you are entitled to a refund if your package has not been delivered after 105 days.

You can also claim a refund in the event that you received an incorrect, defective or damaged item. In the latter cases, you must make sure to request it within 30 days from the date of receipt of your item.

How does delivery work with Joom?

The delivery process on Joom is relatively straightforward. Each order that you confirm on the site is transmitted to the seller concerned. The latter then takes care of preparing the item and ships it according to one of the Standard, Economic or Express options that it offers.

A tracking number is generated for your order and allows you to follow the progress of your package from the site or the Joom application.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely exclude these charges which may apply to your items if they come to be subject to customs control at the gates of the country. You will therefore have to provide for VAT charges of 20% for items over € 22 and customs charges above € 150.

What to think of Joom compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

These 3 Chinese platforms operate almost similarly, as they are all market places. Like Wish and Aliexpress, Joom doesn’t do anything other than connect you with independent sellers.

That said, if you want to know which one offers the best prices, the best application and an acceptable after-sales service, Joom is the one that stands out the best from the others.

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