Joom Reviews – Is it a Trusted Store or a Scam?

Want to buy from Joom but are worried about getting ripped off?

You should know that Joom is the most reliable Chinese store for buying millions of products online at low prices. That said, however, it does have a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Either way, with some precautions and the advice we have prepared for you, you can be sure to get a better shopping experience on Joom.

Presentation of the Chinese Joom store

The platform has been active since 2017 and specializes in the international trade of low-cost items. The Marketplace offers virtually all types of products. Here you can buy clothes, fashion items, electronics and high-tech, health products, home products, etc. mainly of Chinese origin.

What are the advantages of ordering on Joom?

Joom has many strengths that set it apart from other Chinese sites active on the web. Below is an overview of the main advantages available to you by purchasing from this store.

Free delivery costs

Most of the other competing Chinese sites charge you delivery costs for the delivery of your packages. At Joom, you have the advantage of always having them delivered to you for free internationally, regardless of your location. In addition, these costs are not reflected in the price of the item which remains as displayed on the site.

A wide choice of products at low prices

On Joom you are also entitled to the lowest prices on the market, much more attractive than those charged by giants like Aliexpress. It offers incredible discounts and promotions on its millions of products, especially during the frequent sales.

An application designed for the customer

Joom is also the advantage of shopping on an ergonomic and user-friendly mobile application. You can easily search, find and buy the items you want. Buying through the app also grants you bonuses and promotions that the website does not offer. Finally, it is free and compatible with most smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS.

After-sales service completely in French

Rare are the Chinese e-commerce sites with customer support in French. At Joom you not only have a platform entirely in French, but also an after-sales service that can be expressed in your language.

What are the disadvantages of ordering on Joom?

Delivery times can be long

On Joom the deliveries are certainly free, but they can be really long in terms of delays. That is, 15, 45 to 75 days to receive your products. This will usually be the case when items purchased from a seller and need to be shipped from warehouses based in China or Asia.

By paying with Paypal, fees are possible

Joom finally authorizes you to pay for your purchases with the PayPal method following incessant complaints from its customers. However, using this solution on the site will earn you additional billing. Indeed, Joom will charge you fees whose variable rate is estimated at plus or minus 4%.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

There is a way to limit the risk in your choice of product, it is first of all to read the opinions of previous buyers. In addition, these are products that for clothing generally size smaller, because they are made in China and their build is very thin, so you should aim for a size above.

After being an increasingly famous and controlled site, you do not run the risk of payment scams, for example, and the site is designed to be secure. At best, choose to pay via Paypal, for a simpler and faster refund if necessary.

Will I receive counterfeit products?

You will find good products, but also medium to very low quality items. Things seem to be improving with the extension of its catalog to products from the EU and the UK. However, the made in china is king on the store and you have to be extremely vigilant about the quality of what you buy.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

The site’s return and refund policy is relatively flexible. If you received a defective or damaged package, you may be eligible for a full refund. The refund request is made within 30 days of receipt of your item.

How does delivery work with Joom?

The products purchased are packaged by the seller who then takes care of shipping them using the delivery method you have chosen. You have 3 options for the delivery of your packages:

  • The standard method (default)
  • The economical joom delivery method (recommended for low value products)
  • The Joom Express method.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

Joom does not cover any customs and VAT charges that may apply to your products when they enter the country. To avoid them one trick is to make small quantity and low value purchases. In any case, be aware that costs are to be expected in the event of customs control.

What to think of Joom compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

These Chinese e-commerce sites are comparable in some ways. In particular as regards their operation.

Effectively, like Wish and Aliexpress, Joom is a marketplace. The company does not hold any stock, but only puts you in touch with independent shops / sellers. However, Joom tends to outperform them with its lower prices, its mobile application and the organization of its website.

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