La Bresse Hohneck ski resort

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Want to relax a weekend in a ski resort you and your family? The ski resort of La Bresse Hohneck is the perfect destination for that! You can ski at will on the opening days of the ski area, from 6 a.m. to 9.45 p.m. in the evening.

For more details about this Vosges resort, you will find below everything you need to know about this charming resort, including information on its location, everything you can find there, not to mention the various services offered.

La Bresse Hohneck ski resort, the largest in North-East France

Located in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges natural park, in a bewitching landscape of passes, lakes, ridges and forests, the ski resort of La Bresse Hohneck is the largest ski area in North-East France. This station is surrounded by 3 airports all located less than 2 hours away. It offers 89 hectares of snow-covered slopes.

There are very few permanent residents around the resort, but much more holiday accommodation, restaurants, ski rental shops and staff offices.

Overview of La Bresse Hohneck ski resort

The ski resort of La Bresse Hohneck has 32 ski slopes divided into 4 groups of different colors. These groups are subdivided according to the level of difficulty of the course. Thus, there are 6 green runs for beginners, 14 blue cross runs and 12 red runs for the average level, and finally a single steep black run that is quite difficult. The total length of the ski slopes is 50 km.

La Bresse Hohneck also has a well-organized ski lift system, with 4-person chairlifts (although the majority of the lift system is based on ski lifts). You will also find a boardercross and an Opoualand space there. The latter is only reserved for children, small skiers.

Ski rental and other services offered at La Bresse Hohneck ski resort

There are shops very close to La Bresse Hohneck which offer ski equipment rental services and also offer to help, guide and supervise novice skiers. This rental will cost you on average 30 euros. Regarding the costs of the stay at La Bresse Hohneck, each adult must pay the sum of 46.10 euros for 2 days and allow 38.70 euros for the children. This will give you access to the ski slopes according to your performance.

The service at La Bresse Hohneck is remarkable! It is very fast and the shops that are nearby have a welcoming staff, important to avoid long queues.

The restaurants there offer rich and varied dishes which are mostly specialties of the region. With an atmosphere worthy of a holiday camp, relaxation and relaxation, you can take a tour just after sliding on the snow.

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