Lake Lacanau: Ideal destination for fishermen

Located north-west of Bordeaux, along the Landes coast, Lacanau is not just a city dedicated to surfing. This Gironde town is also an ideal destination for freshwater fishermen thanks to its natural lake with an area of ​​2000 Ha.

Let’s discover together the characteristics of Lake Lacanau, the species of fish to be caught and the other possible activities.

Specificities and characteristics of Lake Lacanau

Lacanau lake is a body of water of natural origin, one of the largest in France. Old for over 3,000 years, it has an exceptional setting.

It formed along the Aquitaine coast, where runoff water got trapped over time, creating sand dunes. The lake can reach up to 8 meters deep, but the average is around 1 to 4 meters. The specific feature of the lake is that it is connected to Lake Carcans-Hourtin to the north, and to the Arcachon basin to the south, via the waters of the pond canal.

The lake is managed by AAPMPMA de Lacanau, also called “La Gaule Canaulaise”, to fish there, you must have a fishing license.

Become the king of predators

The Lac de Lacanau or lake of Lacanau is the perfect place for predator fishermen. The pike reigns supreme but can also fish for pike-perch, perch, black-bass and even catfish sometimes. Pike are very present, and the largest easily exceed 80 cm. If you are a fan of the perch, the most beautiful specimens can reach 40 cm.

There are many predators in this lake with such an environment: sandy bottoms, many seagrass beds covering the lake and the presence of water lilies and reed beds on the surface. If you are a beginner, do not hesitate to learn about the lures to choose by following this advice.

Take out the most beautiful carp

Less famous for carp, it is not uncommon to be able to fish for carp weighing 8 to 10 kilos if you have the necessary material. Lacanau lake can even accommodate carp weighing over 15 kilos for the largest specimens. Because of its freshwater supply, this body of water makes it an ideal habitat for carp. We essentially find common carp, which represents about 70% of the herd for 30% of mirror carp. Lake Carcans-Hourtin to the north is much more famous for carp fishing.

If you prefer to fish at night, this is possible provided you have booked to fish on authorized workstations.

Enjoy the other leisure activities of Lacanau lake

With an area of ​​19.95 m², Lake Lacanau is not just for fishermen. Several nautical activities and other leisure activities are possible.

You can navigate by boat within the lake, but you will need to pay a navigation tax. For swimming, several small beaches have been developed and are secure, but others are also accessible on foot or by bike.

In terms of nautical activities, you can go sailing and windsurfing, but also water skiing, canoeing or kite surfing.

Finally, many trails allow you to do your morning run, or to explore the area on a hike or by bike.

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