Lawns and lawns by Gérard Sasias

In France, more than 12 million gardens have a lawn, and it is estimated that 15% of general public gardening expenses are devoted to these mats of greenery. However, 70% of them are said to be in poor condition. So how do you maintain your lawn properly? Published in 2009 by Artémis editions, the work Lawns and lawns by Gérard Sasias analyzes and synthesizes all the interview techniques.

The best tips to stop being impressed by your lawn

“To obtain a beautiful setting highlighting the house and the other plantations in the garden, or a carpet for children’s games and adults’ rest, you need skill and good tools” explains Gérard Sasias. Obviously, amateur French gardeners tend to underestimate the cultivation of lawns, some even ignore the fundamentals: which seeds to choose, which maintenance to keep accordingly …

To make life easier for gardeners and amateurs, Gérard Sasias decides to answer all the following questions: what grass to buy for dry land? for a pitch in the shade? Which species of lawn grasses to choose and what are their alternatives? What height of mowing should I keep for my lawn? Should we fertilize?

Thanks to his advice, setting up a lawn, from field work to semi to the first mowing and its renewal, will no longer hold any secrets for you.

The importance of maintaining your lawn

Why is it essential to watch over your lawn?

Poor lawn maintenance leads to wasted water and, more seriously, overconsumption of phytosanitary products, which pollutes waterways and groundwater. On the contrary, a well-maintained lawn is of great ecological interest, since not only does it clean the air, but in addition it protects the soil from erosion, promotes the infiltration of rainwater, which allows the recharge of water tables. water tables, and limit the risk of flooding.

So the interview is not to be taken lightly. In addition, a beautiful lawn remains a significant aesthetic element that is often the dream of gardeners and the French in general, which is worth spending time.

Today, new technologies allow you to maintain your lawn without getting tired, and transform previously arduous tasks into enjoyable activities, among them, electric or thermal edgers and robotic mowers have become essential for gardeners. The book also refers to the site for all advice on robot mowers.

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