LBLA Mini – Jumping Fitness Foldable Trampoline – Review & Test

Ranked among the best models in its category, the LBLA foldable jumping fitness trampoline is for you if you are looking for a quality, stable and robust trampoline for all your physical exercise needs. Below, everything you need to know about this mini folding trampoline from LBLA.

Video Review and Test of the LBLA Mini Trampoline

Where to buy your Folding Fitness Trampoline?

More information on the LBLA Folding Trampoline

It is a practical and ideal piece of equipment for cross training exercises, especially low impact aerobics. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its sleek, folding design makes it easy to store and can be used anywhere: in your small gym, living room, bedroom or even your office.

The LBLA Mini is also and above all a safe, robust and stable trampoline. It features a breathable, inflatable and comfortable 32 inch mat. It has a stainless steel frame with 32 springs and 6 non-slip legs, giving it infallible stability.

Finally, able to support a maximum weight of 150 kg, this foldable trampoline is equipped with a height-adjustable handrail to adapt to your needs and offer you the most comfort and balance possible.

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