Leather clothing: How to wash without damaging?

Leather clothing are highly regarded by consumers. However, their maintenance requires a lot of delicacy. To wash them, several solutions are used such as cleansing milk, white vinegar or liniment. Unlike other types of clothing, leather requires special care to ensure longevity. A well maintained leather garment will be able to resist better. In this article, we show you tips for protecting and washing leather clothing without damaging it.

10 tips for maintaining your leather

Solutions for cleaning leather clothing

There are many simple solutions for cleaning leather. Without spending, you can clean your leather garment. The most effective solutions are as follows.

Cleansing milk for washing leather

One of the solutions to washing a leather garment is makeup remover. This is a trick that works very well. With this solution, you can do without special leather cleaning milk. Leather has a constitution that is similar to that of our skin. So, if the makeup remover works for baby’s skin, it can also work very well for leather. To do this, wet the soft cloth with makeup remover and add a little white vinegar so that the cleansing milk can penetrate well. Then clean the leather garment with the cloth.

The perfect liniment to maintain your leather clothes

Liniment is also perfect for maintaining leather clothes. The liniment has cleansing, nourishing and stain removal properties. This softening cream is an easy and less expensive way to clean leather. To make use of it, you spill it on a clean cloth and you proceed to the meticulous cleaning of your garment.

Opt for white vinegar to wash your leather clothes

White vinegar is generally used with makeup remover to clean leather clothing. White vinegar helps prevent your garment from cracking over time. To clean, dampen a cotton cloth with a few drops of white vinegar then gently rub the leather. To finish, take a cotton ball soaked in a moisturizer to iron on the garment.

How to protect your leather garment?

To protect your garment, you need to take certain precautions. These precautions mainly relate to the cleaning and maintenance of the garment. Leather clothing is maintained in a different way compared to other clothing. When well maintained, it never goes out of style. There are simple ways to protect your leather garment if it is dirty or dull.

To better protect your leather garment, the use of a soft cloth is essential. It is necessary for maintenance and cleaning. Also, to last over time, it needs regular maintenance and special care. To better protect it, you must also limit contact with sunlight, intense heat, water and sebum. In fact, keeping your garment sheltered from the sun means protecting it against wear and dryness. The sun weakens the leather and makes it lose its original color. It is therefore in your best interest to keep your clothing away from direct sunlight.

Also, to protect it, you can often clean your garment with mild shampoo, soap, or other protective product. Wax products are good for leather because they are nourishing. Milk products in bottles are also recommended for cleaning and maintaining leather clothing. You can also refer to a professional for the maintenance of your garment. It is a solution to better protect it and extend its lifespan.

What are the actions to avoid?

To extend the life of your leather garment, there are of course some things you should avoid. For starters, you should never machine wash your leather garment. It is a very bad idea to want to wash leather clothing under running water. Indeed, the leather cannot be exposed to a strong intensity of heat. This is why hand washing is the best alternative for washing your leather garment.

When it comes to using or not using the stain remover to clean leather garment, here’s what to remember. The role of a stain remover is to remove a stain in order to better protect the material. There are several types of stain remover on the market. Acetone, methylated or household alcohol, turpentine and white spirit can be used. However, before use, precautions must be taken, they should be used with great care. You must keep them away from flammable products. To make it simpler, use the cleansing lotions that exist on the market today. They are to be used with a soft cloth. For smooth leathers, we recommend cleaning lotions and for suede, prefer suede gums or special suede soap.

Men's and women's leather shoes

How to choose shoe polish for leather?

To choose the right leather polish, you must take into account the material: smooth leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, patent or synthetic. To know the exact material, refer to the garment label. By taking this criterion into account, you are sure to choose a shoe polish that is suitable for your leather garment.

How important is the care of leather clothing?

When you want to keep a leather garment as long as possible, it must be maintained. The care of a garment is important for several reasons. One of the major reasons relates to its lifespan. When some care is taken, the life of the garment is optimized. Indeed, leather is a living material and it cannot withstand certain climatic hazards without a minimum of maintenance. It is therefore necessary to take care of your leather garment to enjoy it for several years. The most important thing is to find the right formula to maintain it well.

Also, maintaining your leather garment helps give it shine. You must also maintain your leather garment to make your investment profitable. Leather often sells for a higher price than most other types of clothing. Why pay dearly and not maintain it?

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