Legislative: Christine Boutin in luxury sales reps

The president of the Christian Democratic Party and former minister came to Lyon to support the three candidates of her party in the legislative elections in the Rhône.

Values ​​above all

The PCD presenting candidates for the legislative elections for the first time, the president of the party, Christine Boutin, came today to support them “In the name of the humanist values ​​of the right”. She hopes in this way to be able to deliver “At the center of the debate the questions of the sharing of wealth, disability, housing and health”. Accompanied by two of her three candidates, in this case Anne-Claire Pech (4th constituency) and Brigitte de Seyres (2th constituency), the party president said to herself “Proud of their courage and their will”. Béatrice Decrept, candidate in the 10th Rhone constituency, meanwhile, does not really campaign, according to the words of the former Minister of Housing and the City: “Béatrice offers visibility to our values, to our party. Above all, it is committed to ensuring that parity is fully respected at the national level ”. Of these three candidatures, it is that of Anne-Marie Pech that raises the most hope for the party. Historically acquired on the right, the 4th constituency is the ideal laboratory for examining the weight that the ideas and values ​​of the PCD can have.

By presenting 118 candidates across France, Christine Boutin sets herself the goal “To force the UMP to have more conviction and commitment on the values ​​that make the Christian and humanist right”. However, in case of triangular, the instruction is simple, to line up behind the UMP candidate. Even if she confesses “Having too many fingers on one hand to be able to count the number of deputies from the PCD in the next National Assembly”, she confirms that these applications prepare “The local rooting of candidates for future elections”. She nevertheless concludes with a touch of optimism, thinking “To have at least see one of the elected candidates”.

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