LEGO City Space Rocket and Launch Station 60228

With their various accessories designed to be assembled by the child himself, LEGO toys are excellent for developing intelligence. To stimulate the curiosity of toddlers for astronomy, the brand offers the space rocket and its launch station LEGO City 60228. This beautiful playful set, perfect for children aged 7 and over, is also customizable thanks to its technological modules.

Video Review and Test of the space rocket and its Lego City Launch station

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A beautiful toy inspired by the creations of NASA

As is the case in a space agency, minifigures act as technical staff for this LEGO creation. There are thus 2 astronauts, 2 scientists, a station manager, a technician and a robot. The rocket stages consist of modular parts and a cockpit. A propellant and a cargo storage compartment are also associated with the spacecraft.

As ground equipment, the famous toy manufacturer has provided a monorail system, 2 wagons and a telescope equipped with folding solar panels. Authentic replica of reality, this 200 g game kit includes a control tower, 2 desks with screens.

The countdown also has display screens. The launch station consists of a tower equipped with automatic arms to facilitate the propulsion of the rocket.

A complete toy combining technology and entertainment

Among the 837 parts making up the rocket and the station, there are also 2 geodes, 2 helmets, a magnifying glass, a scanner, a circular saw. A mobile phone to be inserted into the control tower, allows you to view the interactive options through a LEGO application. The latter can be downloaded from the internet.

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