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Who hasn’t already cried to hell when they stepped on one of those little Lego pieces? Who hasn’t spent hours during their childhood building their perfect imaginary world with these elementary bricks? Legos kept us company much of our childhood and it’s Now it’s our children’s turn to discover this wonderful construction universe.

A real moment of escape for children

Building a perfect world is a utopia that becomes realistic when you fall into the universe of Lego City and that we have an overflowing imagination. Everything is there to build a world in his image, alone or with others according to our desires.

Lego City is the art of magic: an assembly of a few pieces gives life to a whole microcosm. Something to dream of young and old!

Top 10 LEGO City boxes

The Lego City range in detail

The Lego City universe offers us a wide range of products : “Firefighters”, city and mountain police, “super vehicles”, “trains”, “arctic expedition” but also “the city” and “mining experts”.

The watchword of the brand is simple: imagination! Everything is designed so that our children can express all their creativity and sensitivity. Agility and imagination are essential enter this universe in spare parts inspired by the world around them.

A world in miniature

Lego City is the solution for our children to build, play and discover thanks to the various sets of place, machine or vehicle offered by the brand. Creating realistic buildings, building the Fire Station or the Police Air Base has never been so easy!

Our children go on an adventure thanks to the Pursuit of the robber packs but also The Helicopter Pursuit Race. The Arctic Expedition range allows them to explore the world while staying in their room! Arctic base, tracked vehicle, refueling plane etc. Everything is there for our children to go on a mission to the other side of the globe!

A best seller at Lego, the railway universe

The Lego City universe thinks of everything! after having developed all possible aspects of the city, he is now attacking the railways. A real success for the brand quite understandable so much we see admiring children in front of the real trains, the small ones but also the large ones, see for example with Le Train Miniature.

The Lego City freight train but also The passenger train allow our children to develop their imaginations by making their little figures travel. The brand also provides rail packs so that our little ones can take their figurines out of their room if they wish!

Now it’s up to them to want to build new horizons outside their miniature city.

Toys for children that fascinate the older ones:

Some of us probably have Peter Pan syndrome. As eternal children, it seems impossible to us to put these figurines in the closet. Do not panic ! This syndrome is not a disease and for good reason! For most of us, this will delight our children who will enjoy playing with us.

Very old children even build real universes, Lego fascinates many adults who often meet to exhibit their creation.

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