LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man Mech 76146

Give your kids bigger superhero adventures with this buildable LEGO Spider-Man toy, complete with movable limbs and a Spider-Man minifigure. With its many parts and play possibilities, it is certainly an ideal gift for your child.

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Equipped with 4 spider legs that start from his back and a large capture web that comes from his hand, this model is a much larger version of those of Spidy that there is on the market.

Measuring 4 ” (11cm) wide, 2 ” (6cm) deep and over 5 ” (15cm) high, the Spider-Man articulated toy contains 152 pieces. It has a Spider-Man figure that your children can put in the robot’s cockpit. The robot’s arms and legs can be positioned as desired.

Once installed in the enormous robot-spider device, Spider-Man can draw his famous webs! The robot’s legs give it a 100% Marvel universe style. Your kids can play by putting themselves in the role of Spider-Man and imagine any scenario they want.

Our young superheroes will be able to recreate the epic actions and scenes of Marvel thanks to this articulated robot. The Spider-Man minifigure can enter the robot through the cockpit opening and pilot the toy in XXL format.

The LEGO app with digital instructions Plus, will allow your children ages 6 and up to rotate the toy, view the set as it is built and a zoom capability, for the most great pleasure for your children.

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