Lego Super Mario King Boo’s Haunted Court 71377

Following the exciting adventures of the starter set, the expansion set, King Boo’s Haunted Court 71377 complements with spooky and fun challenges. This is a condensed version of 431 pieces divided into 5 bags. You will have to put them together to prepare yourself for a series of pleasant surprises.

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Introducing LEGO Super Mario 71377

The Lego Super Mario 71377 expansion set consists of 4 Swoopas, 2 Goombas and King Boo from his collection of LEGO Super Mario. During the course, when you knock down enemies, you will be able to scan barcodes to get virtual gold coins. You will have 60 seconds to complete the course challenge. After this timing, you will be able to obtain the maximum number of coins. The decor has a quaint feel that nicely presents the theme of the haunted house.

To assemble the 431 pieces of the LEGO Super Mario, you will need to download an app on your mobile smart device. This application will help you assemble the parts, bag by bag. It should be noted that you will have to follow the different assembly steps one after the other until you finish all the parts of the 5 bags.

In addition, this expansion is even more interesting with LEGO Mario. Indeed, this game reacts instantly every time it tramples the Goombas or defeats King Boo. You will just need the Super Star Block power to defeat King Boo. Finally, it should be noted that it is therefore important to have the previous sets to be able to benefit from the many advantages of LEGO Mario 71377.

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